Bouquet of roses

Here at Spa Week, there’s nothing we love hearing more than that we were able to change someone’s life for the better. Since 2004 we’ve prided ourselves on introducing millions to the healthy spa lifestyle, making it affordable with biannual $50 Spa Week treatments. Our Health Challenges are a way to make small lifestyle changes for a great impact (and also to win gift cards!). We hear from readers and consumers all the time that Spa Week has changed the way they think about wellness!

And as you probably know if you check back often, we also love giving deserving people life-changing experiences, such as luxurious vacations to wellness destinations paired with at-home nutrition regimens. It’s also the little things – like giving away beauty and wellness products, or a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards at random to turn someone’s blah day upside-down. Remember when we sent a gift card to Anna who was stuck in the hospital for Christmas? We just love spreading joy and wellness wherever and whenever we can.

In December we hosted the #12daysofwellness Tweet-a-thon, giving away a prize a day on Twitter. It was a lot of fun seeing the tweets of excitement at midnight as each winner was announced! There was ONE lucky winner, Sara M. from New Jersey, who got all 12 prizes – including a SodaStream, a Youngblood lipgloss package, hair products, dark chocolates and more, plus a $100 @SpaWeekGiftCard. We were so thrilled at how much this meant to Sara and her family – that’s really what it’s all about. Here’s what she wrote to me:
Seriously Michelle, I can’t tell you how exciting it actually is. We have 4 kids; ages 2, 4, 15 & 17 and there haven’t been many “extras” recently. My husband & I didn’t even exchange gifts this year – it was all for the kids. So this package is now our “Christmas gift” and I can’t thank you enough. Can’t wait ’til it all arrives!
Sara, @NJMomCooks
Wow, she just received the package and we here’s email she just sent us! This is fantastic – you are incredible, Sara!
Hi Michelle! Got the package today & I love everything. The soda stream & the Elizabeth Grant perfumes came separately. Haven’t gotten the chocolates yet but I’ll let you know when I do.
We can’t wait to put it all to use! My daughter & I have both been growing out our hair super long for a few years now because we wanted to donate our hair to Pantene’s “Beautiful Lengths” program. We decided we’re going to use the $100 Spa & Wellness Gift Card to go to the salon/spa at the mall & get our hair cut for donation. I feel so blessed, it’s our way of “giving back.”
Here’s the package right before we shipped it… enjoy it all, and MERRY HAPPY, and thank you for paying it forward and giving back!

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