Losing 122 pounds is like losing an entire person… and gaining an entirely new life.

We’re thrilled to introduce Spa Week Daily’s Celebrity Stylist and Weight Loss Expert, the ever-inspiring Kithe Brewster, who has styled everyone from Julianne Moore to Beyonce, and did indeed lose 122 pounds in 2011. His true passion is helping REAL women, so now he’s here to help YOU to do the same! We just announced Kithe’s Mirror Mirror Weight Loss Challenge, challenging you to embrace a full length mirror and that one item in your closet you WISH you fit into as your motivation live a healthy, fit life. Join in now!

Kithe is a man on the rise – he has many exciting projects in the works, including building a foundation called CURRY 4 COURAGE, to help in the fight against childhood and adolescent obesity. It’s named after AJ Curry, a gifted young music producer and film director who died of obesity this past November. Kithe also has a number of fashion projects in the works which we can’t reveal just yet… but follow this one! He’s recognized now as “Cynthia’s BFF on Real Housewives of Atlanta” but we’re excited to watch him explode – and inspire everyone he reaches. Starting now: