Welcome to our first ever Hot Mom Monday! Here’s where you’ll be meeting the fabulous, multi-faceted women of our Hot Mom Spa Squad for insight into their juggling-act lives, business successes, family tips, and niche expertise. If you’re not yet acquainted with The Squad, it’s a growing group of online influencers who happen to be moms; spa and wellness enthusiasts who believe in frequent momME time to stay healthy, balanced, and most of all HOT!

First up, I’d like you to meet fashion industry guru Ruth Staiman, the brains behind that famous chartreuse chair known on Twitter as @FashionOffice and her successful company, The Fashion Office. Ruth and her team bring over 25 years of retail, product development, publishing, marketing, PR and editorial expertise to a wide range of Fashion Office clients from Target to Saks Fifth Avenue.

“We really have that crystal ball!” is one of Ruth’s tag lines – it’s her company’s job to distill what’s next in art, beauty, fashion, travel, tech and beyond. So, Spa Week Daily asked Ruth to look into this all-powerful crystal ball and give our readers a rundown on hot and coming up for Spring 2012. Take it away, Ruthie! (PS, we found those adorable owls here.)

By Ruth Staiman, The Fashion Office

Here’s a look into my crystal ball at what’s coming for Spring 2012…

ART | Fashion Exhibits are a Hot Ticket at Museums

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute’s Exhibit this Spring, Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada: On Fashion, May 10–August 19

Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration. Queen Elizabeth II’s Personal Collection in London on display this summer at Buckingham Palace.

BEAUTY | Collaborations with Design and Fashion Icons, Multipurpose Products

Pantone & Sephora’s Limited Edition Color Palette coming in March (all us creative types are obsessed with Pantone)
Tom Ford Beauty – Anything and EVERYTHING. A Tom Ford Lipstick in your purse makes you feel like a Glamour Queen

Double Duty Products like Nars Tinted Moisturizer – coming in February

FASHION | Trends to Update Your Look for Spring 2012

Dressing Like A Lady – Buy a chic suit or sheath dress, add colorful pumps and nude hose. Dressing like a girl is back and it feels great. This trend brought to you courtesy of the Duchess of Cambridge – her wedding may be so last year but her fashion influence is just getting started.

White – Try wearing white and explore the angelic side of your personality. So many of us are perpetually in black. If you can’t break out of it, add white accessories as accents. Painting – Three Panels, 1951, Robert Rauschenberg.

Jewels – Bling is everywhere, embellishing shoes, bags, clothing and of course jewelry. If you can’t afford the real thing, start bedazzling! Featured: Christian Louboutin men’s and women’s styles for Spring 2012.


Activewear – Good news for spa-goers. Designers have turned their attention to Activewear. We love Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Adidas. (She’s the creative director for TEAM GB – Great Britain – do you see an anglophile trend here?)

TRAVEL | On Your Radar For The Jet Set

Sleeper Beds In Flight – Just flew on Continental/United’s new ones to Europe and it makes all other forms of air travel look uncomfortable.
London: All things British are the rage (as evidenced above). Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee Year and we’re obsessed with Downton Abbey

Berlin: My cofounder was just there visiting galleries and shopping the eclectic antiques market. This week they are hosting Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Spring 2013.

ECO | One Cool Up and Coming Company

I’m somewhat of a serial start up advisor. Three companies born in 3 years. This year we worked on the launch of Eve Echo (@eveechoinc), previously featured on Spa Week Daily. Eve Friedman is on a mission to empower women through micro-loans. She’s loaning 100% of the profits from her chic hand sanitizers and liquid hand soaps to FINCA, helping the world’s poorest entrepreneurs start businesses. Check out her VERY social site.

Tell us, Ruth! How do you manage to find momME time?

My life is VERY full, so it’s hard to make time MOMme time, but I find that if I don’t, everything becomes increasingly more chaotic. When I make time for me, I have a better attitude about the multitude of issues and challenges I face at work and at home. Basically there IS no time with a thriving business and 3 kids. Luckily my husband @BillBymel pushes me out the door for me time, and holds down the fort while I’m recharging. (Mommy/daughter mani-pedis with my 5 year old do NOT count as relaxing!)

My top choice is a body wrap or something that promises to take off inches or years. I favor treatments that keep me wrapped up, off my iPhone & give me time for a quick catnap. I love luxury, so the more luxurious the spa environment, the better. I make spa appointments in the evening, and I come home after everyone has done homework & gone to bed. A night off from the daily headaches of parenting can leave you fresh to tackle things with a fresh outlook tomorrow.

 Stay tuned for more from our hot moms!