Last night we posted your Crystal Ball to What’s Hot in Spring 2012, a glamorous, cultured look at what to look forward to in the season ahead. Today we wanted to share with you Lifehacker’s awesomely helpful guide to getting the best bang for your buck on absolutely anything (well, almost anything – ahem), all year long. From patio furniture to Broadway tickets to digital cameras, this guide tells you exactly when your big purchases of the year are at their cheapest.

But they neglected to mention one thing – SPA TREATMENTS! That’s where we come in. Mark it down: The BEST TIME to go to the spa in 2012 is when treatments are just $50 A PIECE during National Spa Week®:

SPRING SPA WEEK: April 16-22 | FALL SPA WEEK: October 15-21

Make sure you’re signed up to get the best deals on spa in 2012 – full service treatments that normally cost between $75 and $500, for only $50. Since 2004 Spa Week’s mission has been for everyone to be able to experience the wellness lifestyle. This may not be your year for a new pool, gas grill or motorcycle, but this is your year for spa!

And here’s the link to Lifehacker’s guide to everything else.