The Little Luxury: Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face & Body Polisher

Relationship Status: Going in circles (oh, and we shower together… a lot.)

Bringing the spa home: We spa girls cant get enough exfoliating, cleansing and polishing in our lives, so outside of our spa scrubs and intensive facials, we seek little at-home luxuries to make us feel like we’re at the spa… and get results like we are, too.

What is it? It’s a battery-operated face and body brush to thoroughly cleanse skin and remove dead skin cells to improve skin tone. It can be used to apply face or body cleanser for a more rigorous application, it can be used without soap, or even used dry.

Kit includes: The battery operated hand-held device (plus batteries), a large body brush, a small facial exfoliator brush, a pumice stone and a soft cushioned cleanser.

The Honda of the ‘sonics: The original Clarisonic device is often referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of brushes, and with good reason. The Spa Sonic “Honda” does a good job, considering the price. In comparison, the major difference is that the Clarisonic has 3 speeds, and has inner bristles that rotate while the outside remains still. This makes it more practical, because with the Spa Sonic spinning in only one direction, it makes your hand go in circles too while brushing.

FACE OFF: Clarisonic (left) vs. Spa Sonic (right)

Size matters! The Spa Sonic did a bit of a better job determining the sizes they would make their brush heads. The body brush on the Spa Sonic is considerably bigger and covers more ground faster than the Clarisonic. For the face, the Spa Sonic is a bit smaller so it can get into the curves and crevices of your face with more ease.

Might matter to some: The Spa Sonic is battery operated, while the Clarisonic is rechargeable.

My favorite secret Spa Sonic usage: Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been using the body brush to exfoliate my bikini zone to get rid of ingrowns, and it’s worked like a charm!

OVERALL… The Clarisonic may come in cute colors and patterns and be easier to handle, but it doesn’t necessarily do that much of a better job than its new lower priced knock-off.

Where to buy, and how much? The Spa Sonic is available for a fairly reasonable $65 at, as compared to around $225 for the comparable Clarisonic Plus.

Hot Stone Scale: 4 out of 6

This Little Luxury Review was brought to you by: Michelle Joni Lapidos