Need a miracle worker to turn your Frida Kahlo brows into two separate yet equally beautiful works of art? Looking to fight the fuzz down there without the hassle of a razor or a hedge clipper? Look no further than Glamourella NYC, a glamorous and professional beauty boutique I recently discovered in New York City.

THE BACK-STORY: Glamourella NYC is the brainchild of two NYS licensed estheticians and BFFs, Maxine and Lizzy, who got their start in the spa industry over a decade ago. After waxing celebrities and starlets became a total bore, the pair decided to reinvent the industry by taking their skills directly to their clients with by-appointment-only house calls. After a few years of romping all over the city making beauty miracles a reality, Maxine and Lizzy decided to make 5th Ave home and opened their own beauty boutique with a full menu of quick and painless waxing services and 100% organic airbrush tanning. With over 20 years of combined expertise, Maxine and Lizzy have turned their customized waxing art into a science.

Last week, I headed over to Glamourella’s new 5th Avenue location for a seriously-needed eyebrow shaping. I wasn’t even planning on covering them for a feature; I just had to get my eyebrows done. They were so tragic!

THE BROW-STORY: Right off the bat, when I walked into the reception area I could already tell I was going to have a blast. Maxine and Lizzy greeted me like an old friend! Maxine and I waltzed into the treatment room, adorned with diva pink and retro girlie glam. Literally, half way through the wax (when Maxine was just about done with my left brow), I told her I work for Spa Week, and if she wanted, I could take some pictures and share my experiences — I got such a good vibe from her that I knew I would have to share. It’s so refreshing to walk into a spa and KNOW you’re going to be in good hands.

Did you know there is a uniquely flattering eyebrow shape for every type of face? Well, I didn’t. And that’s exactly what Maxine taught me when she was inspecting my brows under a large florescent magnifying light. I pretty much have an oval face, so using some serious-no-ouch wax, Maxine sculpted, plucked and trimmed my brows to face flattering perfection. This was HANDS DOWN the  least painful wax I have ever experienced. Here’s the before and after picture:
I always get red after waxing, but I noticed that this time I only got a little pink and it only lasted for 15 minutes or so. Here’s a look at both eyebrows completely done:
THE NOW-STORY: They’re brushed, fluffed and tamed… hooray! And just so you know, this wax was absolutely lovely and totally worth the minimal $20 price tag, here’s a look at my brows one week later (with a little added definition and color from Benefit’s Brow Zings):
Even with the The Glamourella Girls’ fabulous and fun vibe ( you should check out their hilarious blog full of tips, tricks, musings and more), you can rest assured that in addition to giving you the most drama-free wax of your life, Lizzy and Maxine adhere to the most of strict sanitary procedures by using single-use implements and absolutely NO double dipping. After just one visit to Glamourella NYC, you’ll be perfectly smooth and completely hooked, just like me.

Glamourella NYC
303 Fifth Avenue (near 31st Street)
Suite 803
New York, NY 10016
(347) 899 7275