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We started the week singing Vice, Vice Baby (with Lose Weight By Accident by Sarah Jenks).

Now, we’re ending it that way too.

What’s your VICE? What’s your ANTI-VICE said?

We asked this to some of our friends around the web, and here’s what keeps them feeling slightly guilty, and the thing that keeps them feeling okay about it.

Nobody’s perfect. It’s all a balancing act.

Vivianne Lapointe from Live Fast Mag said:

VICE: Caviar. Very good things come in small (expensive) packages.

ANTI-VICE: Spiced almond milk with cardamom, turmeric and ginger. The sexiest way to get calcium.

Dina Fierro from Eye4Style said:

VICE: A girl can’t resist a little glitter, and regardless of how many bedazzled pairs of shoes I have in my closet, it’s never enough. My most recent acquisition? These Miu Miu Glitter Leather Sandals:

ANTI-VICE: It sounds a little pretentious, but I eschew processed foods and make it a point to integrate power greens – think kale, spinach and arugula – into my diet daily. It’s made a huge impact on my energy level! Try this Curry Kale Chips recipe.

Bryce Gruber from said:

VICE: Sweets! I recently went gluten-free because of a wheat intolerance and thought I’d automatically be able to curb my sweet cravings from the total lack of cookies and cupcakes. Sigh, I was wrong. I’ve found fruit, chocolate, and candied nuts.

ANTI-VICE: Spa time. I’m literally obsessed with steam rooms and massages, and I think I can officially be labeled a “hammam junkie” at this point in my life.

PJ Gach from said:

VICE: I recently met Purity Vodka in LA and well, hello!

ANTI-VICE: Disney gummy vitamins. They’re good for you and tasty too!

Shyema Azam from said:

VICE: I’m sorry, I just can’t help being addicted to watching anything Kardashian. That family is truly my guilty pleasure.

ANTI-VICE: Beets. I’ve started hoarding them in my salads — they’re packed with antioxidants and are great for your heart (literally).

Ruth Staiman from Thefashionoffice said:

VICE: #twitter #twitter #TWITTER

ANTI-VICE: Giving up my vices! Last year I gave up soda, drinking (except for a on birthdays), red meat, and dairy products.

And from the editors of Spa Week Daily:

Michelle Joni Lapidos said:

VICE: My computer or iPhone at two in the morning. Call me a social media girl but I’m completely addicted to the internet, especially when I should be sleeping. (Case in point – this is me last night on Instagram, playing with my new PicFrame app and Foodspotting photos.

ANTI-VICE: Yoga. Every Monday, no matter how stressed I am or what is on my plate, I escape for an hour to Yoga To The People on St. Marks. It’s my ME time of the week to breathe deeply, stretch, smile, feel strong and forget about the rest of the world.

Stephanie Cavataro said:

VICE: Diet Coke. Since I gave up soda in September, Diet Coke has totally haunted my existence, creeping out from refrigerated section of deli-marts and peering at me from my friend’s fridge, screaming, “DRINK ME!” Once powerless to temptation, I now only have one or two cans a month (instead of in one hour) and save it special occasions like dinner with friends.

ANTI-VICE: Water with lemon (or lime) has helped me replace soda without drinking boring, plain old water. I actually look forward to drinking water now throughout the day instead of dreading it.

Tell us in the comments: What are YOUR vices and anti-vices?