By Jamie G. Dougherty

You’ve seen them on “Dancing with the Stars,” “So You Think You Can Dance” and every other dance show that has hit the airwaves in the last 4 years. Young, lithe, perfectly sculpted dancers with bodies that you would die for (or certainly KILL for). First thing’s first, comparing ourselves to anyone else (in particular, someone whose job it is to exercise for a living!) is unhelpful and extremely painful, so don’t do it. Ever. Now that we’ve covered that, there is something about shaking your groove thang that just make those pounds fly right off.

In my estimation, dancing is the best way to lose weight as it combines my three favorite things: music, creativity and pleasure! Have you ever noticed that when you are dancing nothing bothers you? It’s as if you are on a separate pleasure planet where it is all about you, your moves and getting down with your bad self. Have you also noticed that no matter your fitness level, you can dance for hours yet can only stay on the treadmill for 30 minutes? Why, you ask? Because even though you are listening to Beyonce while running your heart out, you aren’t moving your body to your own internal rhythm and beat. Running is prescriptive while dancing is self-expression!

So tonight, rather than hit up the same ole’ elliptical trainer, find yourself a dance class. Try samba, salsa, hip hop, modern, tap, ballet, jazz, or tango.  Heck, do it all and notice how you feel in your body, mind and spirit. You feel lighter already, don’t you?

In the comments below tell me: What’s your favorite type of dance and how does it make you feel? Much love and enjoy!

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