By timuzapata [CC-BY-SA-2.0-fr (], via Wikimedia Commons

By timuzapata [CC-BY-SA-2.0-fr (], via Wikimedia Commons

So far (knock on wood) this year’s winter in New York City has been marvelously mild compared to years past. I am pretty sure Arizona has seen more snow than us. If you’re feeling a little snow-deprived this winter, a ski and spa trip to a lovely Vermont resort spa would definitely do the trick. (Michelle’s going up to Golden Eagle Resort this weekend!) To help prep you for the wintry wake-up call you’re sure to receive after leaving luke-warm NYC and arriving in blustery Vermont, I’ve found 6 winter travel accessory essentials that will make even the iciest of ice queens (like myself) enjoy putting on extra layers of long-johns and hitting the slopes.

1. Texting Gloves

Wizgloves Touchscreen and Texting Gloves are the best way to text your friends about the wicked fresh powder on the slopes without getting hypothermia. These gloves are compatible with touchscreen phones, iPad, eReaders and other touchscreen devices. $13.99

2. Fleece Rain Boot Liners

Convert your rain boots into cold-weather-repelling snow galoshes with Wellie Warmers from LL Bean: $16.96. It’s cheaper than buying another pair of boots and, added bonus, you can keep the fuzzy liners on as an extra pair of socks when you have to take your shoes off to through security at the airport!

3. Pajamas Warming Pouch

You won’t even be able to tell you’re in Vermont (are we in the Bahamas?) once you snuggle into heated pj’s with the Pajamas Warming Pouch.  This pouch has a thermal satin lining that retains heat up to 118º F for toasty warm pajamas in 10 minutes. The  pouch can heat anything from hats, towels (travel-friendly spa treatments anyone?), or gloves and folds to half its size for convenient storage. Hammacher Schlemmer: $39.95. Winter weather travel tip: The night before your departure, heat up your under layers (undies, camisole, etc) and get a good night’s sleep knowing you have toasty warm clothes to wake up to in the morning.

4. Heated Socks

The 12 Hour Heated Socks. Need I say more? Avoid cold tootsies on the plane, in the car, in the ski lodge and heck, even at work. These  battery-powered thermal socks have both a low and high setting for perfectly customize-able comfort.  Hammacher Schlemmer: $24.95. I’m not sure how these would fare in ski boots, but I’m sure they’d feel wonderful with a cup of coffee after a long spa treatment.

5. Heated Travel Mug Set

Speaking of coffee… The worst thing about a delectable, full-bodied cup of coffee is when it gets cold in your travel cup half way to the airport. Never again will your to-go-mug loose its warmth with this Heated Travel Mug Set from$15.99. The set comes with two travel mugs and a car adapter. The stainless steel mugs hold their temperature for up to 8 hours after being unplugged. Winter weather travel tip: Fill one mug with coffee and one with a hearty soup — coffee and lunch on the go!

6. Waterproof Gadget Pouch

Waterproof PouchHow happy will you be that you can now text in the snow (texting while skiing not recommended) without fear of dropping your phone in a drift and having to side-line it on rice for hours on end? So happy I’d bet! This Waterproof Pouch is perfect for protecting your personal electronics in and around snow, ice and water. It fits almost all smart phones, MP3 players and digital cameras and allows you to use your devise through the soft, see-through plastic surface. $7.95