By Sarah Jenks

You know how people are always giving you lists on “Eat THIS! Not That!” Eat vanilla yogurt with almonds instead of ice cream with hot fudge! Or a turkey sandwich instead of a hamburger! The issue with this is that yogurt and lame sandwiches leave you completely unsatisfied, and you’re likely to eat through your entire kitchen until you finally just eat the damn ice cream.

It’s all about self-love at Spa Week this week so instead of replacing your french fries with carrots, I want you to replace them with a back massage. Most times when we’re craving unhealthy food it’s because we’re craving love, pleasure and excitement. So instead of eating your emotions, go out and get what you’re really craving.

Instead of a brownie… take a bath.

Instead of ice cream… call a friend.

Instead of a sleeve of oreos… watch a movie.

Instead of frappacino… get a back massage.

Instead of chocolate… get your nails done.

Instead of a glass of wine… have a dance party!

Most women are completely deprived of self-love, so we use food to fill the void. I bet if you commit to a self-love diet this week, you’ll feel fuller and more satisfied than ever before.

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Sarah Jenks, founder of, helps women fall in love with their bodies and lose weight through exploring the emotional reasons of why we eat. Sarah believes that you can talk about the benefits of broccoli until you are blue in the face, but real change won’t happen until we pull back the veil of fad diets and calorie counting to reveal the true cause of our over eating. Feeling lost about weight loss? Visit her website to download her free guide: “What to do if you feel fat, hopeless and ready to give up.”