Spa Week is pleased to announce that Spa de Soleil will be sponsoring the free gift with purchase for the entire month of February on As you know by now, TheRightDeal is Spa Week’s sister spa deal site where everyone walks away with a luxurious spa treatment (up to 90% off) and a free gift. In January, Crunch Gym sponsored TheRightDeal by giving everyone who purchased the 72-hour deal a free 1-week pass to Crunch. Spa de Soleil is a manufacturing company that creates professional grade spa products  for both retail and private label use.

There are three branches of Spa de Soleil: Home Spa Collection Retail Store, Pharmaskincare Brand and Spa de Soleil Signature Brand. Home Spa Collection will be featured on the first two Wednesdays in February, Pharmaskincare will be featured on the third and fourth Wednesdays and for the fifth Wednesday in February (yes, there are 5 Wednesdays in February!) the Spa de Soleil Signature Brand product line will be featured. Here’s how it breaks down:

Weeks 1 and 2: Home Spa Collection Retail Store

This online retail store is open to everybody (average joes and industry professionals) who want spa-quality skin care products. They have a wide range of organic, natural, and paraben-free skin care lines and carry brand names such as Olive Essence, O2CH, Dermatouch Natural Skin Care, Hydra Mar, Pure Minerals Ant-Aging, Mineral from the Dead Sea, and more.

Weeks 3 and 4: Pharamaskincare Brand Products

Spa de Soliel’s Pharmaskincare line is the unique result of modern biotechnology and dermatological research.  The primary objective of their products is to stimulate the skin’s natural ability to restore and rebuild cells. Pharmaskincare products have been created to treat every aspect of skin care under all kinds of conditions, ranging from the natural aging processes to UV damage to environmental assaults to stress and metabolic deficiencies.

Week 5: Spa de Soleil Signature Brand Products

The Spa de Soleil Signature Brand product line contains a unique blend of vitamins, amino acids and organic oils which penetrate the skin’s deepest layers to help rebuild collagen, neutralize free-radicals, and restore moisture for a long-lasting illuminating glow. Each product in the line is enriched with Hyaluronic acid (to fill fine lines for an instant plumping effect), Vitamin C (to reduce signs of photo-aging by promoting collagen synthesis), Vitamin E (to moisturize, soften and protect skin) and Vitamin A (to reduce skin discoloration).

PLUS: What’s Your Skin Type?

With all of these great skin care lines, we bet you have some questions about what products are right for your specific skin type. Don’t know your skin  type and want to know what products are right for you? Take their skin care analysis survey to find out. To help you start your skin care analysis journey, here are the most common skin types, according to

  1. Normal: This skin type has small pores, a smooth and even texture, and a healthy color. Since it is perfectly balanced, it is the most uncommon of skin types. However, basic skin care is still needed to maintain health and prevent any possible damage.
  2. Combination: This skin is oily in the T-zone with medium pores and some dry areas (usually on the cheeks). This skin will occasionally breakout.
  3. Oily: The pores are enlarged and visible and skin appears shiny. It is prone to blackheads and blemishes.
  4. Sensitive: This skin is delicate with fine pores. It flushes easily and is prone to allergies and frequent rashes or blotches. Sensitive skin usually has a low tolerance to most skin care products.
  5. Dry: The skin feels tight, particularly after cleansing. It tends toward fine lines and wrinkles and has a dull tone.
  6. Acne: This is most commonly very oily skin with large pores. The skin has multiple eruptions in the form of blackheads and/or whiteheads.
  7. Mature: This skin is characterized by a loss of natural firmness and elasticity. Skin can appear thin and dry with an increase of fine lines and wrinkles. Sun or age spots may be present.