Another Hot Mom Monday is upon us, and Hot Mom Natasha Rao of Fashionalities is here for every single one of you – mom or not – who craves to make her daily life at home just a little more spa-like. Natasha is a mommy of a one-year-old daughter and a wife to an Air Force officer. She has exited the full-time fashion career path temporarily to be a stay at home mom.  But, she still works freelance doing what she loves in fashion occasionally and maintains her fashion blog, Fashionalities, that she has had for almost six years. Here, Natasha divulges six of her super simple beauty escapes around the house that make her feel wonderful in her spa-deprived life.

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e have to say – a trip to the spa now and then does the mind and body SO much good, helping you tackle motherhood in the best of h

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By Natasha Rao

Ever since becoming a mommy, I’ve promised myself I’d still get some “me time.” However, I no longer get my nails done once a month, and I can’t remember the last time I got my hair trimmed. That being said, I try to find quick and easy spa treatment-like rituals I can do at home.

Here are a few to try that I love. I get these ideas from all different places, from the Martha Stewart Show and Whole Living Magazine to books like Passport to Beauty and an oldie-but-goodie Beauty Recipes: Cosmetics You Can Whip Up at Home; Over 100 Natural Beauty Aids at a Cost of Pennies!

6 Cheap & Easy At-Home Beauty Escapes

1. As mothers, we wash our hands all the time and our hands get dried out. It’s as simple as having a lotion or oil at every sink in the house. And, taking the time to (mini) massage and nourish your hands. It really goes a long way.

2. Martha Stewart made a great point recently if you don’t have time to steam your face. Get the dishwater really hot and open the washer and hold your face over the steam for a minute or so and relax. It’s like a mini-steam facial.

3. Every morning drink a cup of hot water with lemon. It’s great for your skin!

4. Take a 10 minute break: Dip a dish or hand towel in hot water with rose petals or chamomile, then cover your face with the towel and for 10 minutes. This will clean and open your pores and acts as an antioxidant/anti-inflammatory treatment. It’s great for treating stressed out skin and smells great! Wash your face before, and rinse with cool water afterwards.

5. I saw another great tip recently on TV – after your shower, put Vaseline on your feet at night and cover with plastic wrap (loosely). This really helps soften your feet.

6. Once a week, I have my husband massage my head and hair with coconut oil. You can leave the oil in your hair for an hour and then wash it out. Or, do like I do and keep it on all night and wash the next day for a deep conditioning treatment.

Have you tried any of these at home? Will you try one tonight? Comment below, and check back next week for more from our Hot Mamas!