While we all can’t saunter around like Nicki Minaj, turning our hair pink on a whim and donning stuffed animals dresses, we all like to spice things up every now and then.

My permanent tips from yesteryear

As I was checking out of my hair appointment on Saturday, a bright pink blob on the retail shelf caught my attention. It was Color.Bug by Kevin.Murphy, and I just had to try it. See, when I was young and rebellious (like, four years ago…) I dyed the tips of my hair fuchsia. Permanently. Twice. But alas, I’m older and wiser and more boring now, so the thought of having my brights back for just a day at a time makes me happy.

Color.Bug to the rescue! It’s a chalky packed powder that instantly adds bright color by gliding onto your hair, and the packaging is shaped for your kung-fu hair-chalking grip. It comes in pink, purple and a vibrant red coral, which is the one I used. While it’s VERY simple to do it yourself, Armando will demonstrate for you Color.Bugging best practices.

As I said 10 times while filming (9 of which I edited out)… I LOVE IT!!!

How long does it last? The disappointing part is that the color only lasts in that vibrant state for a couple hours, but the redeeming part is that after a while (and some times till the next day), it takes on a whole new life, turning to a lighter shade of cotton candy pink! See photos below. A little bit of hairspray will help lock in color for longer, but not that much longer.

ALSO… it gets all over everything. Your hands while applying, your shirt collar – especially right after it’s applied, so be careful! But also know that it washes/falls out just as easily as it does from your hair. In conclusion: Dress accordingly, and apply it right before a party or an event – don’t expect it to stay that bright from morning till night.

Despite the lack of staying power, I’m still excited to jazz up my blond frequently with my newest beauty purchase! Will I complement it with a stuffed animal dress? To be decided.

Here’s what it looks like the next day (not washing hair) – I’m a light strawberry blonde! I love it this way too. And it didn’t get all over my pillow. Yay for the BUG!

It’s only $20 too. Read more at kevinmurphy.com.