heart cookies

By Shauna Mei, Spa Week’s Intellectual Well Being Expert

While we are all spoiling our sweethearts on Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take a minute and remind everyone that the most important person you have to LOVE is yourself. Loving yourself results in drawing positive energy towards you and to those around you… by the law of attraction, the right kind of love will find you.  Take the time each day to feel beautiful. Here are some tips, along with my picks for the products and gadgets to make it happen.

1. Integrate meditation into your life every day.

Deepak Chopra Law of Attraction Button

You can easily practice The Law of Attraction with the help of our dear friend Deepak Chopra! Deepak taught me meditation and since I’ve been practicing, it’s truly improved my life.  AHAlife and Deepak created this innovative mp3 player in a compact button (that you can wear on your shirt) which you can listen to it for 30 minute per day and begin to practice The Law of Attraction!  Buy the button here.

2)   Kindness is always fashionable!

My dear friend Rachel Roy created the chicest clutch with a statement to live by. Projecting kindness and happiness is inviting it into your own life!  This is a great “love yourself and love the world” statement piece! Buy the clutch here.

3)   Glowing skin is the ultimate accessory.

My latest beauty obsession is the Crème Ancienne collection by Fresh. The one of a kind line was derived from an ancient formula used to healed gladiator wounds. The recipe has been re-worked with the help of monks in the Czech Republic who hand mix and bottle the delicate cream! Discover the story here; it doesn’t get better than this!

4) Have a picnic.

For the loved one in your life, create an experience that you’ll love too with Daniel Boulud’s exclusive Valentine’s Day picnic. It’s cold outside and what’s better than a lovely evening indoors and picnic by candlelight? Your picnic is here.

5) Simplify your communication.

We’re all bombarded with too much email and communication… why not give  your loved one and yourself a special phone dedicated solely to each other? That way you don’t have to screen any more calls, right? Leave the iPhone at home and set yourself free! I love this, the World’s Simplest Phone.