By Sarah Jenks

Many women can’t tell the difference between wanting food and actually being hungry.

We can easily crave food all day, getting that lip smacking need to have our mouths entertained while our brains take a nap for the amount of time it takes to polish off a personal pack of Oreos from the vending machine.

When we eat when we’re not hungry, we are using food as a distraction or an escape. As we all know, at least subconsciously, the best tool for escape or distraction is LOVE.

Do you remember the last time you were falling in love? You couldn’t be bothered with deadlines or flaws, you were too busy being swept away on a pink cloud of bliss.  You were probably so distracted by romance, you forgot to eat.

Your body and mind know that the fastest way to relief is to feel love. For many of us, the fastest, easiest least complicated way to feel love, is to eat. Food never talks back, is not judgmental or complicated. It’s always there to soothe our wounds. But, as you’ve probably experienced, it has some pretty nasty side effects.

If you find yourself looking for love inside a bag of chips, consider this ninja move that karate chops your cravings and leaves chips, cookies and ice cream completely powerless: GIVE LOVE.
Give love because it’s the most effective way to feel loved. Isn’t that what we’re always looking for in every moment of weakness or pain?

There are a million and one ways to give love: write a love letter, call an old friend, make dinner for someone, kiss your husband for 30 seconds when he first walks in the door, give a gift for no reason.

I’m actually having a Valentine’s Day Party tomorrow where I’ll be sharing tons of ideas about how to give love, drop the food cravings and finally lose weight. You’re invited; will you join me?

Next time you reach for a brownie, try asking yourself who can I give love to? I promise the craving will go right out the window.

Sarah Jenks, founder of, helps women fall in love with their bodies and lose weight through exploring the emotional reasons of why we eat. Sarah believes that you can talk about the benefits of broccoli until you are blue in the face, but real change won’t happen until we pull back the veil of fad diets and calorie counting to reveal the true cause of our over eating. Feeling lost about weight loss? Visit her website to download her free guide: “What to do if you feel fat, hopeless and ready to give up.”