Ever since you were a little girl, you’ve probably imagined how your wedding would look. A dress like Grace Kelly’s, a venue like Princess Diana’s and a groom like George Clooney. When the time comes and the day you’ve been waiting for your whole life is finally right around the corner, achieving the wedding of your dreams can be more stressful than whimsical (especially when you start looking at price tags). Through my daily musings on Pinterest (follow Spa Week!), I have found pinboards full of bridal inspiration, ideas and crafts. Yes, do-it-yourself projects that are not only beautiful, personal and heartfelt, but are also major money savers. Check out my personal DIY wedding faves, sure to make jaws drop.

1. The Invitation

Depending on the size of your wedding, a personalized invitation could save you lots of cash on printed cards. Plus the heart-shaped thumbprint adds a perfectly romantic touch (get it, touch!?)… without being corny, like me. Photo via Pinterest.

2. Romance Novel Flower Bouquet

We’ve talked about “unconventional bouquets” before in past Wedding Wednesday posts, but these flowers really say “I love you.” Using a book of poems, love letters or, hey, even one of the Twilight novels, tear out your favorite pages and follow the step-by-step guide on All you’ll need are some scissors and a glue gun to create these romantic buds.

3. Reception Signage

All of the materials needed to make these adorable chalkboard signs are available for cheap at your local hardware store. Just snag a small can of paint in one of your wedding colors and a can of some special spray-can chalkboard paint and craft away (directions found on! When you’re done, decorate your signs with pretty chalk and things like the reception menu or directions to the dance floor… customization is key! Photo via Pinterest.

4. Thoughtful Table Cards

The seating arrangement: a delicate tango of properly placing your friends and family at a dinner table while avoiding a major meltdowns and character clashes. It can be stressful deciding who sits where and next to whom. Once you’ve got it all figured out, decorate your dining tables with these thoughtful cards. Each card is personalized with numbers that have sentimental meaning for the bride and groom. Diffuse potential table feuds by sharing the love. Photo via Pinterest.

5. Party Pinwheel

Another great reception table accessory is this pinwheel centerpiece. Chose fun patterned paper from the craft store (or ever wallpaper swatches from the paint store) and follow the easy how-to on to create these whimsical decorations. Plus, they make for a great take-away for younger guests.

6. Couples Cornhole

Who doesn’t love cornhole!? Take this tailgating favorite from the parking lot to the reception hall by painting the silhouettes of the bride and groom on each cornhole board. Get the make-your-own instructions here. Photo via Pinterest.

7. Limoncello Party Favors

Delight your wedding guests with a taste of personalization they will really enjoy. Limoncello is an Italian liqueur, usually served as an aperitif or after dinner and is an easy and delicious gift to give and make. All you need is the step-by-step recipe from (who actually made this recipe at her own wedding).