Do you remember that lipstick phenomenon back about 10-15 years ago, when suddenly everyone was examining their lipstick shape like a palm reading? If you take a look at all your lipsticks, you’ll see a general pattern in how they form to your lips. And apparently, we learned, the shape of your lipstick holds great meaning, and provides insight into your personality, strengths, weaknesses and emotional tendencies. This all came rushing back to me when I was out with my friend Justine the other night and she went to reapply her pout with this:

WHOAH! What sort of psychological implications can be made based upon this double-edged, double-black diamond of lipstick shapes? Let’s find out – here’s what Beauty Press reports…

Well, Justine would be closest to shape #1, and she does have that strong personality. As for me, sure I’m a power woman (#4)! See below – that gentle slope really brings out my energy and creativity, no?

What about you, sweet lips? What shape does your lipstick form to, and does your lip-psychoanalysis match your personality?