Photo by Maria Morri. Via

Photo by Maria Morri. Via

You know those hair brushes that Old Hollywood movie stars used when they would sit at their lavish vanities in their silk robes, powedering their noses (like Katherine Hepburn, above, in Woman of the Year)? I’m talking about Rose’s fluffy porcelain-handle brush that made it through the Titanic wreck or the paddle brush the mean girl used in A Little Princess as her hair magically fell out after being curse by Lesile Matthews. What do all of these hair brushes have in common, you ask? Boar’s hair bristles. What’s so special about boar hair? Let me explain.Since the beginning of time (or when brushes were invented, pretty much around the same time) hairbrushes have been made out of ivory, bone and sturdy animal hair. Boar bristle brushes are hands down the best brushes for your hair. Every stylist has them in their arsenal of expert hair apparatus. These brushes have been around the longest and are the most trusted because of the soft and silky hair they help create. Regular brushing plays an important part in the condition and health of your hair.

Brushing your hair with a boar’s hair brush helps spread your scalp’s natural oils (sebum) away from the root (so you don’t get that dirty, greasy, wet look) down the hair shaft giving it strength, suppleness and a healthy sheen. The Rolls-Royce of boar bristles brushes, the Mason Pearson Popular Brush, has both boar and nylon bristles that, when used to blow dry almost-dry hair, can create one of the softest, smoothest blowouts you’ve ever had. Blow drying with a Mason Pearson also causes less breakage then blow drying with a metal round brush (which can be just as damaging as styling with a curling iron).

The Mason Pearson Popular Brush can cost you around $170, but can last for decades. In my opinion, it’s worth the investment. The brush isn’t the only thing that lasts. The “life” of your blow out will last longer with a bristled brush (that smooths and conditions hair) as opposed to a metal brush (that flatten, fries and crunches hair). So when it comes to the health and happiness of your hair, get back to nature and away from damaging metal and go boar or go home!

Pssst… looking for a cheaper alternative? I found this nylon imitation-boar bristle brush at Ricky’s for just $27.99 (Rickycare Classic Wooden Nylon Bristle Brush). For under 30 bucks it’s no Mason, but when I tried it, it totally gave me that soft and fluffy Mason-y feel!

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