professional massage

Na, na, na, na-na-na, SPA! If there’s one way to take a sad song and make it better… that would be listening to it during a long, luxurious spa treatment. (Preferably one that you only paid $50 for.)

If you know a thing or two about me, you know that my alter-ego is a Beatles hippie child, by blood. Why do you think I was named Michelle? And my middle name, Joni? After John Lennon, of course! A little Google search lead me to this beautiful, massage-worthy version of Hey Jude, THE PERFECT marriage of my facial-fiending, spa-lebrity self and my deeply rooted love, love, love for the Fab Four.

Sit back, relax, press play and don’t make it bad… the weekend is here! Tell us: Would you request a Beatles spa soundtrack in your next spa treatment?