There’s a bag of frozen peas in my freezer that is not to be eaten. No, no, these peas are not destined for sweet pea soup nor creamy pasta dish with crispy prosciutto. These peas serve the sole purpose of playing Ice Pack for my roommate Tracy and her achy breaky back.

Back in 2007, Tracy lifted a too-heavy suitcase into an airplane overhead compartment. A strain in one muscle lead to atrophy in another, and even still, she deals with constant discomfort. She’s gone to physical therapy, builds strength by working out religiously, and ices with her pack-o-peas on the daily.

Then, Élan Veda‘s Élan Muscle & Joint Relief found its way into my hands a few weeks ago, so I gave it straight to the Princess and The Peas.


The result for Tracy? After using it for a few weeks 3-4 times a day, Tracy reports that it does, indeed, help soothe the pain. She brings it to work with her every day and massages it on her back for instant calming and cooling. She believes the discomfort and tightness are relieved partially due to the soothing aromatherapy aroma while the nutrients penetrate her skin. She hasn’t noticed any long-lasting changes just yet, but she’s enjoying it very much and says she’ll continue to use it regularly as part of her get-her-back-back regimen.

Personally, I’m lucky enough to not need the Muscle & Joint Relief (or peas) in my life, but I’ve been really enjoying their Élan Skin Renue. I frequently use the Skin Renue instead of moisturizer and I love the way it feels on my skin. The aroma is something that oddly has equal parts invigorating bursts of morning energy and a calming rock-me-to-sleep scent. Maybe you have to try it to understand, but I use it both morning and night. This is my face with zero makeup at 3pm today – all I used this morning was Élan Skin Renue. It has a nice shine without looking oily. “Organic Borage oil, Organic Acai Fruit Oil, Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil, and Natural Marula Seed oil are all used for their powerful abilities to improve the skin’s condition,” Élan Veda says. “These oils reduce skin aging and preserve skin, due to their moisturizing properties.”

THE ÉLAN VEDA STORY: The story of how Élan Veda got started is like any good Princess and The Pea type fairy tale. The owner Dan Palmer‘s wife, who was stricken with shingles seven years ago, discovered Ayurvedic medicine and a mix of diet and yoga that cured her within weeks. She became so passionate about it that she decided to use these Ayurvedic recipes and principles to start her own line of products. Their products later went on to help them get pregnant after much trying, and also helped Dan grow is hair back! The brand sources organic, natural ingredients to create essential oils and herbal supplements, all with special Miron® glass from Switzerland, and packaged in the USA.

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Disclosure: I received Élan Veda products complimentary, but all results and opinions are still very much truthful and my own.