“Every day, in a very true way, I co-create my reality.”

— The opening affirmation of every intenSati class

Your mind is an all-powerful tool. You can choose to smile, not complain. You can kiss goodbye negative energy and embrace the positive. You choose whether to be thankful for what you have, or spiteful for what you don’t. You and only you can CHOOSE to be confident, optimistic, opportunistic, successful and happy.

I’m so excited to introduce to you the internationally acclaimed Patricia Moreno, Spa Week’s Empowered Living Expert, for this potentially life-changing next challenge. Patricia is the brains behind a motivational workout called intenSati, which combines physical exercise (a mash-up of martial arts, dance and yoga) with positive affirmations. She’s gained a tremendous following in New York City. These ‘”Sati Warriors” have been so enlightened by Patricia, they go on her spiritual retreats, they wear tees that proclaim “I love my life,” they have flash mobs, and they smile at strangers. By repeating affirmations in class to the beat of a workout, students begin to internalize them and connect them to their everyday lives.

I know this because I’ve experienced intenSati myself, but more so through the 180 degree transformation my best friend Michelle made after discovering intenSati. She blogged about it here back in July: intenSati: The Workout That Changed My Life.

Are you ready for CHALLENGE #11?

Here’s what to do:

Pledge to say – OUT LOUD – one or more of Patricia’s affirmations every day. Here’s her list of favorite intenSati affirmations to choose from:

Yes I can
Yes I am
Yes I will
Yes I am ready
Making progress is my number 1 priority
I choose to focus on the good I desire
I am done complaining
I am ready to live a life of love
I am willing to succeed I have all I need
All I need is within me know
YES! I will seize this day
I will act now
I challenge myself to reach for something better
All negative thoughts STOP right now!
I set my self free with positivity
It’s all working out, I suspend my doubt
I am never giving up, I am in it to win it
I have the courage and the confidence to pursue my dreams
My body is my temple I am divine light
with love I choose what I think, say and do
I now allow all good to come to me
What I give is what I get
When I honor myself the world shifts around me
I choose to know the truth about myself no matter how beautiful it is
I am now unfolding to my highest potential
I surrender to excellence now
I love my life, all other and myself, exactly as it is
Fear, so what! I will do it anyway!
Every step is a victory and every fall is a lesson
I appreciate this day, I am grateful in every way.
Health is wealth, it’s my number one priority
With love I choose what I eat, think and do.
I have plenty to share and I have plenty to spare
I can now see that vast improvements are happening for me
I am a magnet for success I now lay my fears to rest
I am activating excellence I am divine light
I have what it takes, I am perfect in every way
My body now restores itself to a state of perfect health.
Waiting is a waste of time, I will act now
I accept it is true, when I ask it is given
I draw towards me all the right things,
when I benefit others it benefits me
My word is law, all doors now open
My supply is endless, prosperity finds me


Monday, March 5th – Sunday March 11th

BONUS! Close out the challenge with a bang! In NYC? On March 11th, Patricia will be teaching “the biggest NYC intenSati class ever” with up to 400 participants on the flight deck of the USS Intrepid. Read more here.

Who says:

Patricia Moreno is the author of “The intenSati Method, 7 principles to thinner peace.”

She is the founder of Sati life, a company dedicated to empowering and inspiring people to believe in themselves and live a life they love in a body they love. Her revolutionary program, The intenSati Method, is the first workout to combine positive affirmations with physical training.

Her creative blend of inspiration and power have kept her at the top of the international fitness scene for fifteen years. She has been featured in numerous magazines such as Shape, Fitness, Newsweek, New York Magazine and Women’s Health. New York Magazine named her Best Instructor in New York City and Shape Magazine named her one of the top ten women who shape the world. She was the fitness advisor for Fitness magazine and has trained thousands of instructors world wide in her workout programs. She has starred in and choreographed over fifteen workout videos.

She currently offers classes at Equinox Fitness clubs in NYC and offers teacher training programs for the intenSati Method. Her website is satilife.com, and you can also find her at patriciamoreno.com.

What’s in it for me? (YES I CAN… WIN!)

Besides feeling more empowered, optimistic and confident every single day, just by RSVPing to Patricia’s challenge event on Facebook and sharing your success stories or struggles, you’ll be automatically entered to win a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week.