There is probably nothing worse for a mom than not knowing what is wrong with her child. The maternal instinct is to find the problem and fix it.

When our Hot Mom Spa Squad member, Kimberly Johnson of the the EntrepreMOMs project, was faced with her baby’s digestion problem, she proved there’s no such thing as being too young to reap the wellness benefits of massage. We previously featured the lowdown on the baby rubdown from Joanna Goddard, now read how Kimberly’s little touches made a bit impact – and kicked off a lovely spa-inspired mommy-daughter bonding ritual.

By Kimberly Johnson

When my daughter was born last year, I was so nervous. As incredibly happy as I was, I was a first-time mother who still felt like she had a lot to learn. However, when my daughter started crying (more than usual) and acting funny, my “mommy senses” started tingling… I knew something was not right.  I followed my gut and brought her to the pediatrician – boy was I glad I did. As it turns out, my daughter was suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease and the poor thing was extremely uncomfortable.

We tried all kinds of remedies, from medications, to lifestyle changes, to formula switches. Eventually, a combination of these things, plus my daughter growing older and eating solid foods, helped us to move past the reflux. But boy, were those days rough. One thing that really helped my daughter and I both get through the tough times was infant massage.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am no masseuse. But I know how relaxed a good massage makes me feel, so when the hospital was offering a free infant massage class to all new mothers on the unit, I gladly partook. While I’m sure the class just touched the surface, it certainly provided me with a better understanding of what makes a good massage. It provided me with some basic tips for using massage not only as a way to soothe my baby, but also to ultimately sooth myself and to form an incredible bond with my daughter.

Even though she is a year older now, we still make it a point to do a massage after every bath time. We dry off with our favorite towel, get our favorite lotion, and sing a special song.  She giggles as I rub her feet, and lately she even asks me for a little lotion on her hands and she rubs her own belly! We laugh and smile and get to be silly together. It also is a staple in our nighttime routine, and helps her get ready and relaxed for bed. I look forward to being able to have this time with my daughter for as long as she’ll let me. And who knows, maybe when she is older, we’ll have to make it a point to get ourselves some regular mother-daughter massages!

About Kimberly Johnson: Kimberly is a self-employed, first-time mother who resides in Northern New Jersey.  She is the founder of the EntrepreMOMs project, which connects mothers with marketplace thru their online blog and offline events that showcase fabulous mothers in business in New Jersey.  She blogs about how working moms can still be rock stars at her blog, Sort of a Rock Star Mom.  When she is not writing or working, she can be found having a tea party or enjoying playtime with her daughter, or enjoying time with her husband, friends, and family.