“You are a powerful force for positive change.” Patricia Moreno, Spa Week’s Empowered Living Expert and founder of the unique motivational workout intenSati, is a bottomless barrel of inspiration. Well, a very tall, physically fit, energetic and smiley barrel.

Patricia has already given you a long list of things you should say EVERY DAY in order to feel and live empowered in her YES I CAN! Daily Affirmations Challenge, starting with: Yes I am. Yes I will. Yes I am ready. Making progress is my number 1 priority. I choose to focus on the good I desire. I am done complaining. I am ready to live a life of love. I am willing to succeed I have all I need. All I need is within me now.

Just like every single word in Patricia Moreno’s challenge – and intenSati classes – inspire me, EVERY SINGLE word on this list she created for Spa Week Daily is exactly what I needed to hear in this stage of my life. I hope you feel the same. Now go and live empowered… starting by saying YES! to life exactly as it is.