We are always encouraging the benefits of taking a trip to the spa to get away and take your mind to a faraway place, but sometimes you have to think even further outside the box. And by outside the box, we mean outside the atmosphere. You may be currently spacing out at work right now but would you want to really space out?! There are actually online contests granting the far-out dream to win a sub-orbital space flight. Can you imagine getting the chance of a lifetime (how many lightyears is that?) and getting to travel into the void that surrounds our own existence? Thinking about outer space blows my mind, but on my friend Charlie’s mind is the possibility of actually going. Charlie is on the homestretch for Metro’s Race for Space to win an outta-this-world trip, but he needs help! Your support for my spacey friend would be one small click for you; one heck of a vacation for him. Houston, we need votes!

If you you’re looking for an easier way to get away from life on earth, take a shorter trip to the spa-space during Spa Week.