The forever young Barbie turns 53 today and we want to wish her an extremely happy birthday, because she deserves it! Barbie isn’t just another pretty doll face, she’s a hard worker. She has to maintain her icon status, stay dressed in the latest trends, and she’s even found time to hold over 120 different careers. That will wear a girl out! It takes a lot of spa visits to keep her so impossibly perfect, so for her birthday Barbie is taking Spa Week off and spa-setting around the country to have her ideal week of $50 spa treatments, because she’s made of plastic not money.

Spa Week Day 1: Monday, April 16

Barbie is going to start off her week at El Leon Spa in Los Angeles. She’ll get a 60 minute Extremity Remedy hand and foot massage with lavender, a dead sea salt soak ,and exfoliation. Her feet and hands could really use an extreme rub after 53 years of standing on her toes and having her fingers perpetually fused together!

Spa Week Day 2: Tuesday, April 17

Time to hit the slopes! After an early morning on the mountain skiing and riding chair lifts, Barbie’s going to head down to Denver’s VITAHL Medical Aesthetics for a different kind of lift. A little botox boost will help keep her looking young (Ken is two years younger after all). She’ll get 10 units of Botox and she can get additional units for only $14/per unit.

Spa Week Day 3: Wednesday, April 18

Next, Barbie’s going south to Texas to keep her face from going in the same direction. Barbie will be visiting FaceToFace Spa at Avery Ranch in Austin to smooth out any imperfections with diamond tip microdermabrasion, a customized hydration mask, and scalp massage. And we bet she won’t be able to resist adding on the professional eyelash extensions application treatment. Diamonds and lashes: so THAT’S how she gets that sparkle in her eye.

Spa Week Day 4: Thursday, April 19

Next, Barbie’s off to the windy city to blow off some stress. After a trip to Red Door Spa in Chicago for a 50 minute Stress Melter, her plastic will have an extra smooth and shiny finish, and all the pressures of being a celebrity for the last 53 years will dissolve away.

Spa Week Day 5: Friday, April 20

Welcome to Miami! It’s no secret that Barbie isn’t the most flexible doll around. She’s going to clear her mind and work on bending at the waist with Exhale’s award winning Core Fusion and yoga classes. The deal includes a pack of 5, but there’s no twisting her arm to come back to hot Miami.

Spa Week Day 6: Saturday, April 21

Barbie’s going to our nation’s capital to get her hair on. She’s going to get a complete hair treatment at Washington DC’s Piaf Salon and Day Spa. She can pick from two hair packages: a shampoo, a conditioning treatment, haircut and style or a single process color with deep conditioner and style. We’d suggest the one without the haircut, because we know the trauma that results after cutting Barbie’s hair. (Note to Barbie: George Washington is not your best look.)

Spa Week Day 7: Sunday, April 22

Barbie is going to end her week in NYC where she was born in 1959. And what better way to wrap up her luxurious week than in a body wrap?! She’ll visit Spa Jolie for a slimming body wrap with a deep pore facial to get her ready to get back to work. Even Barbie lets herself go a little on a vacation.

Barbie, for your birthday we got you a cake! Now eat the whole thing.