Do you remember that square cardboard toy, usually featured in the check-out line of the Toys “R” Us, with the bald guy’s face on it? You know, the toy where you used the little red magnetic pen tied to a string to drag metal shavings around to give the face a creep mustache, uni-brow or caveman beard. It’s called Wooly Willy and yes, when I tried The Black Pearl Facial at Euro Laser Services in Rye, NY, we looked like twins. Not only did we look identical, but I also experienced a powerful (and “so crazy”) magnetic force on my face, similar to the one I’m sure Willy has felt for the past 20 some-odd years, also known as a G Mask or Gravity Mask. Yes, you heard right, during the facial, The Black Pearl Mud Mask is removed not by water or muslin cloth, but by magnet!

More on the magnets below, but first, let me backtrack. On entering the spa, nestled among bustling shops and restaurants, I was warmly greeted by Euro Laser’s director and owner of over 13 years, Liz DiBartolo. After a quick tour, I ventured into the treatment room and nestled into the heated blankets of the treatment bed (and, per the usual, took some silly pictures with my instant-eye-lifting headband, below) as I waited for Wendy DeGiacomo, my esthetician to check in on me.

After a few short moments, Wendy came in and we got down to business. She explained to me in detail about benefits of the mineral-rich The Black Pearl Facial (featured in the video), which includes a number of different cleansing and purifying steps with a handful of treasured Sea of Spa products in the Black Pearl line. The product line includes ingredients such as seaweed extract, pearl powder, manganese, originating from Israel’s Dead Sea.
And now for the most impressive part of this facial: the Black Pearl Gravity Black Mud Prestige G Mask. It’s a gravity mask, which means the mask is applied like any other mask, but it’s removed with a magnet.
The force of the magnet hovering over my face, removing the mask, was one of the most bizarre and oddly soothing facial experiences I’ve ever had. In the video, you can see Wendy hold the magnet a few centimeters above my skin to remove the mask (and me exclaim, how “crazy” it is… because well, it was crazy!).
The invisible, painless power of the magnet removed not only the mask, but a lot of the dirt, oil and debris from my pores, leaving my skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

After a hot towel treatment and a serious neck and shoulder rub, Wendy applied a moisturizer and lip balm with SPF to protect my skin sensitive skin. When I left, my skin was left refreshed, hydrated and it appeared as though my pores were visibly smaller. I was very pleased with the results of this facial. Especially because the experience of removing the mask, to quote my mesmerized Wooly Willy self, really was “so cool.”

A special thanks to the Euro Laser staff

If you want to experience the hidden treasure that is Euro Laser Spa and their Black Pearl Facial, book the treatment during Spa WeekApril 16th-22nd, for just $50.

Euro Laser Services
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  • Choice of 50 Min Brand New Exclusive Black Pearl Facial or 50 Min Award Winning Retin-A Facial with Collagen Mask
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