From perming my lashes to cleansing my colon, it’s safe to say I’m a spa addict. Have you watched the official Spa Week Spring 2012 video yet? Wellness has officially gone wild:

A trip to the spa is always an adventure – especially with a camera in hand. Okay, Michelle: don’t let the camera get under the Vichy shower… keep your hand steady even though this is the best scalp massage of your life… oh no, move the tripod a little more left because your butt is most definitely showing. I may not be entirely relaxed and zenned out on my many filming escapades, but I’m definitely still enjoying myself and reaping all the benefits of each therapy.

YOU, on the other hand, have only one thing to think about during your Spa Week adventure April 16-22: YOU. Your health, your bliss, your moment. Spend an extra half hour reading VOGUE in the relaxation room, tell your massage therapist HARDER if you want it, and learn about skincare from your esthetician, even if you can’t understand half of what she’s saying.

This season I had a full Saturday of beauty at Spa Martier, where Yuki, my favorite nail artist in NYC, created a glittery manicure masterpiece while Murad gave me a gorgeous blowout after delivering THE greatest hair wash/scalp massage of my LIFE. I discovered how much I never knew I wanted a lash perm at Skintology (home of vacation-like tropical walls). Mascara shows up so much better now! I downward-dogged with Stephanie Eris, the mind-body manager at Exhale Spa and she taught me the nuances of achieving the best upward dog possible, and at Perfect Spa I learned that freshly shredded apple makes for an extremely natural scrub – and that Vichy showers are really difficult to film by yourself. Bunya Citi Spa Thai’d me up in a dynamic mixed-modality massage then purified every last pore on my face, including that sweet spa rave.  Completely Bare lasered off my unwanted bikini hair, and Laser Cosmetica lit up my face with a photo facial to smooth out unwanted redness. Andddddd I pooped again.

Book your $50 appointments, and get ready to turn OFF your phones – unless you feel compelled to Instagram it all like I did…