Yoga: either you practice it and swear by it, or you’ve heard about it and are meaning to try it. Either way, there’s no denying yoga is a way to stretch your way to better health and a clearer mind. Busy moms have a hard time finding a minute for themselves, let alone 90. Our Hot Mom Spa Squad member, Melysa Schmitt of Sex, Lies, and Bacon, finally decided to stop thinking about finding a time for herself to not think so much. The sassy mom committed to some much needed relaxation and mOM time. She took charge of her stress before this hot mom became a hot mess.


By Melysa Schmitt

A month ago I was stressed out. No seriously, my anxiety level had flown directly past CODE XANAX and right to CODE CRAZY LADY.

Yes, I’m a hot mom but I also have a lot on my plate. Unfortunately being hot and sassy doesn’t pay my bills. Between trying to juggle my job, my writing, single motherhood and the curveballs my son’s father had been throwing at me, I was at my wits end. I knew I needed to make a change; I just wasn’t sure if that change should involve seeking professional help and a fashionably glitter covered straight jacket, an expensive trip to the discount liquor store for a month’s worth of booze or something a little less detrimental to my wallet.

I’m a big believer in signs. Ya know, like when an opportunity or idea repeatedly presents itself and you wonder if the universe isn’t trying to tell you something by continually beating you over the head with it? That’s been happening to me with yoga. First I received a free trial to Gaiam TV, which is completely awesome by the way. And then when I was out with some girlfriends a few days later one of them mentioned something called Bikram yoga (Or, Hot Yoga) and how hot it made her look and how amazing it made her feel and I thought to myself, “Break me off a piece of that!” Of course I then forgot about it the next day and went back to juggling everything.

The juggling went on for a few days before I just couldn’t take the juggling anymore and I had myself a good cry. In the midst of the crying, hot yoga popped into my head and I took it as the last sign that I should find a class immediately. A few seconds later Google gifted me the link to a nearby yoga studio that offered a 90 minute Hot 26 class. A few days I survived my very first Bikram yoga class and I’ve been in love and looking hotter than ever since!

So what is Bikram Yoga?

  • It’s done in a 105 F room with 40% humidity.
  • It consists of 26 “asanas” or postures and two breathing exercises that are done twice in a row.
  • It’s 90 minutes long.
  • The combination of heat and postures are supposed to be good for blood circulation, delivering more oxygen to joints, muscles and organs.
  • Sweating your butt off is supposed to be detoxifying.

Want to know what kind of poses make up a 90 minute hot yoga session?


I can honestly say that I’ve never felt better, mentally or physically, than I do after my now weekly Bikram yoga class.

My stress level is at Code Ommmmmm.

I won’t lie and say it’s easy, because sweating to death for 90 minutes while twisting yourself like a pretzel certainly isn’t, but it feels good to challenge myself and for a whole 90 minutes the noise in my head stops and I’m not worrying about the ten million things I need to do; I’m just focused on myself and my poses.

This Hot Spa Mom loves Hot Yoga and is pretty sure you will too!

What do you need to do to prepare for your first class?

  • Drink enough water to fill a large swimming pool. OK you don’t have to drink THAT much but it’s important to come to class well-hydrated and also bring at least a quart of water in to class with you. Good hydration supports the healthy functions of all your body’s systems and it makes the heat feel comfortable rather than overwhelming.
  • Make sure your stomach is empty when you come to class, but have something small and easy to digest an hour or two before class for fuel.
  • Wear light workout clothing because it gets HOT! I wear a workout bra, a tank top and a pair of loose fitting gym shorts.
  • Bring a large bottle of water, yoga mat and towel. I actually bring two towels. One to wipe myself off with and another to place over my yoga mat so I don’t slip and slide all over it while trying to do my poses.
  • Bring dry clothes to change into afterwards because you are going to be a sweaty-stanky mess. But you will feel AMAZING so it’s worth it!

So go ahead. Join me and get hot with hot yoga! Swimsuit season is just around the corner…

About Melysa Schmitt: Funny. Sexy. Inspiring. These are the three words that best describe Melysa Schmitt. Between raising her son as a single mom, running Kiss Our Sass Media LLC, designing t-shirts for her Kiss Our Sass Apparel line, and wearing her cape as the  “Super” Social Media Manager for The Printed Blog & Kumbuya, Melysa shares her brazenly honest humor here on her lifestyle blog Sex, Lies, and Bacon.

Despite criticism, she candidly shares her successes, failures, and misadventures in dating and single parenting hoping to encourage others to follow their own path. Melysa has developed a distinct and sassy voice, allowing her to reach out to her fans with a simple, underlying message: Your relationship status does not limit or define you.