You know it’s important to have a balanced diet, a balanced checkbook, but have you balanced your energy lately? Energy imbalances could be the charging force (or uncharged) behind some of your ailments.

First a quick science lesson, all matter vibrates through natural energy. OK, so now apply this to something that matters to you. The energy in our body stops doing its thing (vibrating) when it becomes injured or damage. This now-stagnant energy throws our body’s science out of whack, leading to pain, stress and a general sentiment of  feeling “not right.” So how do you re-energize this energy? Get the vibrations flowing.

Vibration Therapy is becoming more and more popular in spas as a way to obtain energy balance. Massage therapists use various vibration techniques to stimulate frozen energy of the body and settle down over-excited energy settle down, bringing balance. And a balanced body is a healthy body.

There are many items that have vibrational frequencies that can be used in vibration therapy including sound, aroma, light, touch, color, sacred geometry, crystals, and gems. These vibrations stimulate the senses and can promote overall health and wellness. Tibetan Singing Bowls and Reiki are two common practices.

Vibration therapy has been shown to increase bone density in people suffering from osteoporosis, to treat joint and back pain, reduce fatigue, stress, arthritis pain and increase agility. It has even been used on Olympic athletes to treat injuries and to improve muscle strength and performance.

Get all your chakras working together and keep the good vibrations rolling!

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