Sixty seconds. That’s how long they have to stand and wait before the gong sounds and the games begin. Now, the clock ticks as we ourselves near The Games. We’ve been voraciously awaiting the nationwide opening of the movie tomorrow (or tonight if you’re lucky) ever since the first Liz Banks/Jennifer Lawrence photos leaked and Michelle blogged her unconditional love for The Capitol’s absurd beauty rituals. Now, it’s finally time to watch it all unfold on the silver screen.

To  celebrate the release of the much anticipated Hunger Games movie, we think that after fighting for her life, a girl could use a little downtime. We’re going to show Katniss some spa love. She endured everything from the reaping to reward and now Katniss needs to go from survival drab to winner circle fab. Here are the treatments worthy of a survivor. Let the spa games begin!

(We’ve also included some pre-apocalyptic spas where you can get the Katniss treatment because you’re hungry for spa too!)

Nail It

The first problem area we want to target? Katniss’s dire need for a mani/pedi. A bow and arrow aren’t conducive to pushed back cuticles and polished nails. A day of hard work will make your nails dirty and chipped, but countless days in the wilderness will make your mangy paws look like a construction workers.

  • 50 Min Manicure and Pedicure with Foot Reflexology at Bunya Citi Spa in New York, NY
  • 75 Min Essential Spa Manicure and Pedicure at Dream Spa & Salon in Westport, CT
  • 105 Min Manicure and Pedicure Package: Includes Customized Aromatherapy Spa Pedicure with Paraffin or Mask and Signature Manicure with Warm Spa Mittens at Beau Visage Skin Care & Spa in Greenwood Village, CO

Hair Repair

Heat damages your hair. Giant fire balls being launched at you destroys your hair. While surviving the great balls of  fire attack, Katniss’s hair was not as lucky. A good cut, style and DEEP conditioning will get her singed hair camera ready.

  • Studio DNA Haircut and Conditioning Treatment, Including Hot Towel Treatment at Studio DNA in Santa Monica & Los Angeles, CA
  • Ultimate Hair Package including Wash, Cut, Moroccan Oil Treatment and Style at Venelle Salon & Spa in Brooklyn, NY
  • Repairing Keratin Blow-Out for Overworked Hair at The Blue Sapphire Spa in Port Jefferson, NY

Skin S.O.S.

Roughing it in the wild will leave you feeling dirty. Especially, after canoodling with this mud face. Katniss’s dirt-filled pores could use a serious facial. After all, she has to get ready for her close-up as the new cover girl of Panem.

Send a Massage

We’ve never had to habitually run for our lives, but we would bet you would end up pulling some muscles. Also, you’d probably sleep funny every night that you were strapped to a tree branch. Katniss needs some serious body work and relaxing to maybe pretend like that all didn’t just happen.


Hunting and gathering will dish up some odd meals. After a diet of  mystery roots and groosling, a colonic may be a good way to cleanse out her confused system. (Although, she was previously eating squirrel.)

Now that she’s looking like a winner and not a post-apocalyptic nightmare,  she only has one problem left…

Gale or Peeta? Oh, it’s hard being a teenage heroine.