Spa Week’s Spa & Wellness Challenge is in full swing and we are so excited about everyone who has signed up, as well as all the encouragement the participants have received. We asked you to pick a team to get healthy and the Nutrition Team is kicking bad habits in the butt by choosing veggies and gaining health. Joy Bauer, TODAY Show Nutritionist, is leading the Nutrition Team and she’s challenging her team to take a simple step toward wellness: eat veggies before dinner. Here is Joy’s philosophy to eat by:

Joy’s Nutrition Challenge:

Eat your veggies before dinner

If you also want to get a handle on your diet (while getting rid of your love handles), you should add some Joy to your life! It’s not too late to sign up! If nutrition isn’t what you need to work on, you can also join the Fitness, Yoga or Skincare teams (don’t worry, we won’t tell Joy).

So far it’s a close race, but there will only be four lucky winners of a $1,000 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week, although everyone will win improved health and wellness as a consolation prize!

So far here are our favorite and top-voted submissions from The Nutrition Team:

Jazmine: “Still working to tone out and define my muscles. I chose nutrition because food is my biggest weakness, I’d like to gain some control and work on portioning.”

Christina: “This is me after loosing 30lbs for my sisters wedding.”

Alicia: “This is how I think, feel and speak. I live to be healthy and strive to educate others to be healthy.”

Brandy: “I believe that without proper nutrition fitness and health goals simply cannot be perfected. I love modeling what great nutrition means to my family!”