Pain may have you living your life on the sidelines, but what if there was a natural and effective way for you to regain your life? Routine massages can reduce the symptoms of chronic pain and, in some cases, even make it disappear. Tens of millions of Americans are living their lives imprisoned by pain. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for more than 6 months and can be pain localized in the neck, shoulders, pelvis, back or joints. Other kinds of chronic pain include tendinitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. This kind of persistent pain takes a physical and emotional toll on a person. No one feels like themselves when all they can feel is the pain. Massage may be the answer to get your life back.Massage therapy (the best job on earth!) can improve the quality of life by not only relieving the pain; it can also impact mood and induce positive sleeping patterns. By relieving the pain that keeps you up at night tossing and turning, your body will get the much needed time it craves to restore and to heal. Additionally, lowering anxiety and improving mood can help a person get their life back in order. Massage therapy offers both immediate results, as well as long term. Lisa Ianiro, lead massage therapist at Cure Spa in Malibu, CA, shares how she helped transform her father’s diagnosis:

My dad was diagnosed with having tendonitis from using the computer for too many hours. A doctor had prescribed a tight band to wrap around the muscles of the arm. This issue went on for a month because his job required him to use a computer daily, which only taxed the muscles more. Finally, one night I saw that this band was not giving him any relief and he was still in a lot of pain. I had a feeling the cause was due to trigger points that can develop because of muscle overuse. I started working on his arm feeling for small contraction knots in the muscle tissue. I could feel a ton of them. They are very painful to have worked on, but once you can relieve them the contracted muscles will let go, blood can then flow freely through the muscles and pain will then subside. The session took about 20 minutes. The next day my dad said he was a little sore but it felt better. By the third day there was no pain and the pain has never returned.

Chronic pain sufferers may want to look for a massage therapist that specializes in sports massage, neuromuscular massage therapy, orthopaedic massage, or someone who does craniosacral work or uses strain/counterstrain techniques. It is also always important to check a massage therapist’s qualifications and experience with chronic pain, as well as to always consult a doctor before receiving treatment.Here is what some of our Spa Week spas’ massage therapists have to say on their experience dealing with chronic pain:

“Working closely with individuals, it is very satisfying to know that I’ve eased someone’s longstanding discomfort or helped to make their hectic day-to-day life bearable. I’ve seen clients with chronic back issues become pain free. I’ve watched clients with rounded shoulders and hunched over posture stand straight and erect after a series of treatments.” Denise Quinn, Pure Spa in PA

“What I love about being a massage therapist is when someone comes to me with chronic pain; I can physically help them without giving them any medicine. And the best part of this profession, that it’s stress free.” Dexter Cabasug, Rio Spa And Salon in Las Vegas, NV

“I have met countless people who have dealt with chronic pain and general discomfort in their body from day to day stress. I take great comfort in knowing that once they leave my table, I have in some way released the negativity of pain and irritation that has plagued them for days, months or in some cases even years. Christopher Ruhulessin, Elements Therapeutic Massage in Orland Park, IL