Get up off of that thang! Spa Week’s Spa & Wellness Challenge is on the move and we want to give a pat on the back to those of you who are making an effort to move too. The Fitness Team is getting pulled off  the couch by Dolvett Quince, The Biggest Loser trainer. Dolvett is leading the Fitness Team and he’s challenging his team to take a step (or many steps in place) toward wellness: exercise during commercials. Dolvett won’t take any excuses, so better just do what he says. As a matter of fact, he’s taped what he wants you to do in a short video message, exclusively for you, our Spa Week Daily readers. After a hard outdoor workout, Dolvett taped the below message on his iPhone. Even though the video is a little grainy, you can hear Dolvett’s wellness philosophy clear as a bell… get your booty off the couch and get healthy!

Dolvett’s Fitness Challenge:

Exercise during commercials

If you also want to get rid of your couch potato title, it’s not too late to sign up for a dose of Dolvett’s tough love! If fitness isn’t what you need to work on, you can also join the Nutrition, Yoga or Skincare teams (don’t worry, we won’t tell Dolvett).

So far it’s a close race, but there will only be four lucky winners of a $1,000 Spa & Wellness Gift Card by Spa Week, although everyone will win improved health and wellness as a consolation prize!

So far here are our favorite and top-voted submissions from The Fitness Team:

Jacquelynn: Thank you, for holding such a wonderful giveaway, I truly appreciate it! I am a 3 time cancer survivor (age 10, brain tumor[Menegeoma], age 21 Uterine Cancer [discovered when I was 6 months pregnant], age 36 skin cancer), as well as a Service Connected Disabled Veteran (US Army 6 years). I currently am battling Fibromyalgia, Chronic Neuropathy, arthritis and Compressed Disc’s in my back (I am 3 inches shorter than I used to be). However despite my medical problems, I have succeeded in losing 115 pounds!! I still have about 40 left to go, but I KNOW I will make it!

Caressa: “Doing Bicep Curls and Watching DIY Network!”

Shelly: “Still on my 2 yr journey…over 95lbs gone and 20 to go! Training for my first half marathon in April and another triathlon in July …Fitness is my lifestyle !! Paying it forward with fitness bootcamps 3 times per wk and local biggest loser challenges….. hard work….determination!!!”

Angela:“The before picture… I am doing this for me and my family. We need to get healthy together. Our reward will be good health and another cruise- this time in bikinis!”

Robin: “My photo represents movement in between commercials. I want to drop 20lbs by July 2012.”

Marianne: At the age of 48, having had three children and battling weight issues my whole life, this photo was taken. I lost 40 lbs., began working out 7 days a week (and loving it) and became a regular 5K Runner. I still struggle with toning my cellulite area but continue to strive towards reaching my goal of losing the last 10-15 lbs., running a 10K, half marathon and eventually a full marathon. Watching Dolvett every Tuesday night is a huge inspiration. Wish there was a TV show entitled “The Littlest Loser” – LOL!