This Wedding Wednesday we’re paying tribute to Emily Giffin, the word-wizard author of our Exclusive Book Sponsor for Spa Week Spring 2012. Emily is a New York Times bestselling author and her new book Where We Belong hits shelves July 24th. Emily’s most popular book Something Borrowed sold over three million copies nationwide and you may have caught the chick flick with Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson. And what better way to celebrate Wedding Wednesday than by imagining all those somethings a bride can borrow! (Although, we’re not suggesting borrowing your best friend’s fiance.)

If you’re a traditional bride you’re probably excited to follow the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” rule to bring your marriage good luck. It’s also a great way to get some free accessories. Something Borrowed represents that friends and family will be there for the bride on her special day, as well as in the future when help is needed. So what’s a girl to borrow? If you’re lucky you have some friends or family with awesome items you can claim for your big day. I want to borrow my friend’s Porsche on my wedding day, does that count?

Here are some ideas of things that you may be able to take a loan out on for good luck!


Raid the jewelry boxes of your friends and family! Have a friend that wears amazing statement necklaces or have a relative with to-die-for sapphire earrings? Make your loved ones feel special because you want to wear a piece of them on your wedding day and score a piece of luxury for free.



Borrowing a veil is a great way to wear something that a loved one wore when she said her vows. Don’t love the long veil your mom wore decades ago? Have it altered into a whimsical blusher. Or perhaps if you want two miles of veil trailing, you can borrow the world’s longest bridal train from that girl.



Borrowing shoes is especially necessary if your best friend is Carrie Bradshaw. But if your girlfriendor sister share the same shoe size, why not borrow those shoes she blew her paycheck on but you only need for one day?

Vintage Clutch

Going for a modern chic bridal look? Toss the flowers and carry the vintage clutch your girlfriend just snagged. A clutch adds an editorial and modern look for photos and it’s a great place to keep your handkerchief.

A Piece of Mom

Sew in a borrowed scrap of your mom, sisters, or aunts wedding dress into the hem of your wedding dress. Just make sure they know you’re “borrowing” a piece of their dress before you grab the scissors. You can also add material from a loved one who can not be with your on your wedding day. Kim Kardashian cut a heart out of her late father’s shirt and sewed it into the inside of her dress so he was close to her heart. (We’re guessing she’ll being cutting several hearts out of that shirt.)


Did you have your eye on your friend’s garter belt rather than her perfectly toned leg at her wedding? Borrow her couture garter for your big reveal, that is, if it ever resurfaced after the toss.

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