While massages, facials and manicures are indulgent spa treats to have you looking and feeling your best, the spa provides total wellness from mind to perfectly polished toes. The spa lifestyle can help you get you fit and centered by offering classes in fitness, relaxation and emotional management that will help you on your journey to overall health. Before you relax with a luxurious spa treatment, why not also get some fine-tuning to keep your body running smoothly?

During Spa Week, be sure to take advantage of any fitness opportunities, indicated in the Spa Week directory under each listing. For example, LifeSpa’s 72 locations will not only watch your kids for free while you get pampered, they’re located in LifeTime Fitness gyms, and Spa Week clients are invited to use all the facilities.

In addition, here are some of the $50 offerings that are specifically made to deepen your mind/body connection.



Allure Pilates Spa City in Beverly Hills, CA is working out a 60 Min Private Reformer Pilates Session for just $50. Pilates is a good fitness choice if you are looking to get lean without bulking up (if you’re worried about that). Pilates can help to increase muscular endurance, core strength and flexibility, while also improving posture and breathing. And don’t forget about reducing body fat! Pilates does rhyme with hotties, after all.

The Sporting Club at the Bellevue in Philadelphia, PA is also offering a Pilates session during Spa Week, and the other day we sent one of our Philly bloggers What The Frock to check it out. It was her first ever Pilates experience and she loved it, and Instagrammed the photo above.

Mind-Body Classes

Exhale Spa is offering a 5-pack of Mind-Body Classes to transform your body with your choice of Exhale’s Award Winning Core Fusion, Yoga Classes and Core Cycling for only $50. Core Fusion fundamentals are a blend of Pilates and the Lotte Berk method that includes strengthening and stretching to develop a deeply toned body (think Heidi Klum meets Cameron Diaz). Whether you chose the original, yoga or cycling you will leave  sweating, strengthened, and stretched. This 5-pack could get you on your way to a 6-pack.

Exhale Locations: Atlanta Back Bay Battery Wharf Chicago Dallas Gramercy Harbor Point Meatpacking Miami Midtown Santa Monica Upper East Side

Yoga & Meditation

Bronxville Wellness Sanctuary in Bronxville, NY is calming you with a 45 Min Private Kripalu Yoga & Meditation Session. Kripalu Yoga emphasizes on individual growth and is designed to adapt to all body types, ages, fitness levels, and interests. It stretches and tones muscles, releases chronic tension, supports mental clarity and encourages self-acceptance. Afterward, a mediation session will help you cultivate good health and a positive sense of well being, and challenge you to find self awareness. This treatment will work both body and mind, with an enhanced sense of spirit on the side.

Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation

Pranaa Ayurveda in Plano, TX is offering a Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Nutrition Consultation for $50. Ayurveda strives to restore the balance in your daily life, which in effect, triggers the body’s natural healing process and metabolism and helps you bounce back to a state of vibrant health and radiance. You will learn how to follow the Ayurevedic diet that not only provides lasting energy throughout the day, but it keeps the body toned and radiant. An Ayurvedic Consultation will help you to understand yourself and your body from the perspective of Ayurveda – the science of life. Don’t forget to take notes.