WOWOWOW what a party that was!!! We are floating on spa cloud nine. Thank you so much to all our @SPAWEEK partiers – we are overwhelmed with joy over all our friends who celebrated our Sweet Sixteen this afternoon, bearing gift-wrapped tweets and virtual spa dance moves, cutting up the dance floor like you were sixteen again. The Sweet Sixteen invitation got you there… now it’s time for a recap!

The #SpaWeekSweet16 got jumping right away. Within 12 minutes we were the #2 trending topic in New York (we do not count the promoted one)… and within 19 minutes we were the #3 trending topic in the Unites States! Check it:

The party was so popular that we had a slew of party crashers (spammers) raid our sweet celebration, but they couldn’t break our beat. We even found out that @SPAWEEK became the #1 trend in the United States! Check out earlier today:

We started off the party with some sweet de-stressing – a bunch of you said journaling helps you stay relaxed – and not surprisingly, blogging helps too! It’s modern day journaling. A LOT of you prefer your relaxation in the form of massages. Things started to get sweaty as we chatted inspirational workouts like intenSati, and our love for steam rooms and saunas. For two hours we raged on about the sweet fountain of youth, favorite skin and body products, sweet feet, not-so-sweet feet, good vibrations, chakras, 16 ear candles, our deep, deep love for sweet, sweet massages, sweet scrubs, and we admitted our sweet tooth guilty pleasure… chocolate! But as it turns out, we don’t have to feel so guilty after all. You shared the beauty routines you can’t live without – thank you for waxing. You fully support Dina’s weekly blowout habit and you’re ready to try something new with your lashes!

Then, @SPAWEEK was sent to #TwitterJail when we reached tweet-capactiy and @MichelleJoni had to sweep in as ringleader, but it didn’t slow us down. You shared all the benefits you’ve reaped from the spa lifestyle – from helping migraines to avoiding surgery. You indulged in 16 sweet spa ingredients. You made new friends that will last a Twitter lifetime. And then, of course, after the party, everyone was zonked in need of a spa day and went to to book their week of Wellness Gone Wild – #50dollartreatments for April 16-22. That is, if you hadn’t already.

None of this would have been possible without the help of our beautiful party co-hosts! @RedDoorSpas, @intenSati, @AgingBackwards, @BiteSzWellness, @WellnessTravel, @WhereIsMyGuru, @SpaTravelGal, @FashionOffice, @GirlsLunchOut, @MomMostTraveled, @CharChronicles, @MommyPosh, @BeehiveBlog and @RachelFerrucci… thank you for helping make our Sweet Sixteen a raging success!

And of course… thank you to our prize sponsors. Six winners who helped make our Virtual Sweet Sixteen memorable have scored themselves a $50 @SpaWeekGiftCard, a dozen delicious @GTownCupcakes delivered to your door, a party makeup package from @Topshop and an extra strength anti-aging facial peel from @dgskincare!


@breaduh for her DIY spa advice! And because she, too went to Twitter jail @breaduh_too

@LifebyCynthia because she REALLY needs the spa (and promises to get a few #50dollartreatments in San Diego this @SPAWEEK! Right???)

@CourtneyLeiva for taking a stand for beauty snobs, and also sharing her #beautycommandments.

@LuckyMel8 because she loves getting the GUNK out of her ears (16 ear candles), and for high-fiving for Dina’s high maintenance weekly blowout habit!

@jztlikehvn because she massages her baby to sleep! (So does @LuckyMel8 above, actually. Baby massage is for winners.)

@momUNblogger because the second she left the party she booked a Spa Week massage! According to one of her other tweets the best part of the massage is “when you are so blissed out you are almost asleep but not quite.” It’s the best!

Winners, please email us at daily(at) within 3 business days and include your mailing address, phone number and Twitter handle. We can’t wait to send you your sweet prizes!

Now everyone, I’m sure you need a break after partying so hard, so make sure you go book your Spa Week treatments ASAP!