Last week I had the pleasure and the privilege of chatting on the phone with celebrity personal trainer and overall kick-butt gal, Jackie Warner. You may know Jackie from her shows on Bravo, Work Out and Thintervention, but this Ohio native is way more than just some reality show talking head. Jackie has been in the industry for over a decade counseling both Hollywood’s elite and average folk alike. Two years ago, Jackie penned her first book, This is Why You’re Fat, which chronicles Jackie’s own fitness journey and lends insight into the human behavior, habits and false preconceived notions that are making Americans overweight. Just a few weeks ago Jackie came out with her second book, 10 Pounds in 10 Days.

As a Division I college athlete and the daughter of a personal trainer mother and a Division I college coach father, I can honestly tell you that when I heard the title of Jackie’s book, I was very skeptical. Heck, I was trained to be. Results like the ones Jackie claims don’t happen overnight, they take months of painstaking cardio sessions and weight room woes, right? Wrong. After reading the book, cover to cover, and speaking with Jackie personally, I was able to understand why Jackie could promise such results. “You have to follow every work-out, every meal plan in the book to the letter,” Jackie said, “that is the only way I can promise that you will indeed lose 10 pounds in 10 days.” I have to agree with Jackie, this is a pretty strict program, but it’s not as intense as I thought it would be. Sure the restricted diet and the 10 straight days of working out can be daunting at first, but you don’t have to do any thinking whatsoever, Jackie has thought it all out for you, right down to the grocery list.

The reason behind why Jackie wrote this book and developed this 10 day plan is really due to human behavior. “Lots of experts say the best way to lose weight is slow and steady, because it means you will keep the weight off for good,” Jackie said. “You’ll never continue with a healthy weight loss plan if you don’t see immediate results in the first 10 days, you won’t be excited or motivated to stick with the plan if you don’t drop two sizes in two weeks or see a dramatic decrease on the scale. People are motivated by immediate success. If you see results, which I know you will on my plan, you’ll stick with it because you’ll know it works,” she said to me over the phone.


This plan is really for people who have to jumpstart their weightless of 10 pounds or more, or for those people who can’t seem to lose the last 10 pounds they need to reach their weight loss goal. If you’re looking for a serious no-brainer regime with ZERO wiggle room, this plan is 100% for you.

Thinking of starting Jackie’s plan but want to get to know the brains of the operation little bit better first? Here are 5 things you’d never know about Jackie Warner unless I asked:

  1. Jackie is obsessed with The Voice. She tweets about it ALL the time, except for when it actually airs. Why? Because she records it and watches it at random times during the week due to her busy schedule.
  2. Her favorite exercise is the chest press. “It makes me feel powerful and fills out upper body.”
  3. Jackie’s least favorite exercise is anything having to do with legs. “I hate working out my legs… but that’s why I should do it more.”
  4. What does Jackie do to relax and unwind? A 6 mile run through on a hilly trail in Topanga, CA.
  5. Jackie’s favorite spa treatments: oxygen facials (“Perfect for TV appearances”) and deep-tissue sports massages (“They really get down in there, into the muscle, such a great feeling after a hard workout.”)
  6. Who’s her favorite celebrity client? Julia Roberts, hands down. “She did everything I asked, worked hard and didn’t complain. She’s no diva.”


Images via, Fitness and Instinct.