You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.

The day-to-day of being a good mom requires sleep and it requires strength. It requires a clear head to break up sibling battles, to figure out dinner, to balance checkbooks and soccer schedules, and to make life-changing decisions for people whose lives depend on you.

It requires frequent momME time.

Motherhood requires spa.

Spa Martier Couples Room

This past Monday night, April 2nd, we gave NYC mamas ZERO excuses to put off momME time by hosting our 2nd biannual Hot Mom Spa Night at Spa Martier. (Talk about a Hot Mom Monday.) Top mom bloggers from our Hot Mom Spa Squad and beyond joined us for an evening to indulge and celebrate the upcoming week of $50 Spa Week treatments. Some had not been to the spa in years (yikes!!) and relished this time for themselves, vowing to pass along the message of health and wellness to every mom they know. Many even booked Spa Week appointments for themselves right then and there to ensure a momME time day was in their near future.

Our #HotSpaMoms have doubled in size and prowess since last Spa Week, and this party showed it! Let’s check it out. We’ve got more pictures on Facebook too.

Dr. Amir Sheibanie (with me above), the spa manager and skincare pro who recently took over Spa Martier, made sure every mom got pampered properly. Back massages by Karina were the talk of the night and Phytomer mud foot wraps gave everyone’s high-heeled tootsies a much-needed break. Francisco tousled and sculpted hair with this extremely intense, unblinking “hair face” (see below). Those cheekbones! That steady gaze! An artist at work, my friends.

With wine and cheese in their freshly blinged-out and massaged hands, our hot moms made some new friends, learned about skincare, and even did some dancing with the super-cute estheticians! They’ve got mooooooves.

The Spa Martier staff is not only talented when it comes to nails, hair, massage therapy and beautiful skin, they sure know how to throw a party. Wine flowed steadily and cubes of golden cheese were almost as rich as the 24kt Gold Facials they’re offering for Spa Week.


Everyone dropped their business cards in for a chance to win a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card, and at the end of the night we drew the winners: Congratulations to Rachel Ferrucci and Kimberly of Foodie City Mom scored themselves some extra spa lovin’!

We got a little silly with HASHTAGS… as in, hashtag HotSpaMoms… and it seemed totally cool (hot?) at the time.

Dr. Amir Sheibanie swooped in as the spa hero he is for one more shot!

And then we sent everyone home with Phytomer skincare goodies for continued hotness.

Team Spa Week thanks you for coming!

Thank you for joining us, hotties! We were joined by the #HotSpaMoms behind Sex Lies and Bacon, Love That Max & SELF Magazine, Staycation Mama, Lady & The Blog, Mommy’s Links, Mommy’s Mingle, Mommy Posh, The Posh Parent, Beamer Buzz and her blogger mom Rachel Ferrucci, Mommy Delicious, Primetime Parenting, Foodie City Mom, NYC Single Mom Reviews, Raising Three Savvy Ladies, Boyz Rule Our World, Beamer Buzz, My Two Cents Count,  and others.

Be sure to check out Spa Martier for Spa Week:

55 Min Rolling Stone Massage – USUALLY: $125, SPA WEEK: $50

60 Min 24 Karat Nano Platinum and Gold Facial by Cosme Proud – USUALLY: $175, SPA WEEK: $50
75 Min Calgel or Bio Sculpture Gel Manicure and Unlimited Art Design – USUALLY: $150, SPA WEEK: $50

But did you know… it’s not just a spa?

It’s an empire! Just above the underground spa is Caffé Martier serving sandwiches, salads, desserts and delicious dishes, and Martier Boutique, a high-end clothing and jewelry shop. They’ve got locations popping up all over the country, with a big presence in Miami. My jumpsuit is by Robert Rodriguez, courtesy of Martier Boutique. Thank you Bobby for dressing me moments before the party started. I needed that.

And very special thank you to our event photographer whose Twitter name I aptly created myself: @BEST_MOM_EVER. Love you mom! 🙂