Three reasons your man should get in on the Spa Week action:

Reason #1: Tim Tebow gets mani/pedis.


Reason #2: Dwayne Wade does yoga, Pilates and gets pedicures.

Reason #3: Al Pacino has been known to rock nail polish.


Yes, going to the spa has gotten a fluffy reputation for being all about primping and looking pretty. But that’s not stopping some of sports’ biggest stars and Hollywood’s leading men from getting in on the pampering action. Within the past three weeks (and as recently as yesterday), Spa Week Daily, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Jezebel and TMZ have all reported on the spa-habits of famous men including Wade, Tebow, Pacino, Chuck Norris, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Zac Efron and Usher, to name a few.

Wade attributes the spa and regular yoga/Pilates to helping him avoid injury and muscle stiffness/soreness, while improving flexibility, quickness and response time on the court. Tebow gets manicures because he wants to impress Katy Perry. Just kidding, Timmy, we know you get your nails trimmed and cleaned to improve your grip when tossing around the ol’ pigskin and to avoid painful and often debilitating blisters, calluses and ingrown nails on your paws. And, okay, maybe the third reason isn’t as convincing as the first two, but every guy likes Scarface, right? Even though we’re not really sure why Pacino has nail polish on, we have a hunch he got the VIP spa treatment being a good dad and bonding with his tween daughter.

What better time to remind the man/men in your life to treat their bodies right (and get in a little quality time with you) than to get them to the spa during Spa Week, April 16-22? Michelle’s boyfriend lost his spa virginity last Spa Week… it’s time for men everywhere to do the same.

In related news…


After Kim and Kanye‘s tirade around NYC last Friday, no one is talking about Kris Humphries, or his pedicure habits. Sorry Hump.

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