This Friday the Thirteenth is the lucky day for one of our own! Our graphic designer Anne, who tirelessly creates all our banners, email blasts, homepages, media decks, gift card materials, you-name-it… is getting hitched. If you’ve been following us on Instagram or Twitter you may have picked up on it by now, but we’ve got a wedding happening, and we’re as excited as the blushing bride! (Well, almost.) Anne has been filling us in on all the charming details and we couldn’t be happier for her. From rings to dresses to celebrations, here are some of our favorite pre-wedding office moments. These should hold us over until the wedding photos.

A few weeks ago she brought her dress in to show us giddy girls a peek (also, she had a fitting that morning).

After her fitting it was time to turn her skin to a fitting color to make that dress pop with the modern bride’s secret weapon: Spray tan. Brides, always do a test spray tan at least one month before your wedding to leave ample time in case there are any splotches or peeling.

And what do we want to try on for a fitting? Anne’s stunning yellow diamond engagement ring. Just for a second. Please?

yellow diamond engagement ring

(It’s from Saks… yes, you can pick one up after your Spa Week treatment there.)

To celebrate her last day in the office before she takes the big leap, we threw her a little brunch party yesterday and gave her a “homeymoon.” We wanted Anne and her new hubby to escape from it all right here in New York, so we got her a dinner and a swanky night at The Gansevoort – Meatpacking. She deserves this!

C’mon guys you’re going to make her cry!

Anne, here’s to you and Travis and a lifetime of love, LUCK and happiness!

(And yes, he is a model.)