Fuzzy spa robe heaven

If spa is your religion and you are a loyal disciple, repeat after me: Spa-llelujah! Last week I had a heavenly spa experience… in a church. Well actually, it was at Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa, located in what used to be a church. Nestled along a pretty little street in Monclair, NJ with a mix of fabulous shops and delicious-looking bistros, you would never guess that the Gothic-style church in the middle of the block has been transformed from a house of worship to a sanctuary of beauty and wellness. With two extravagant floors dedicated to hair care and cosmetics, you would never even know that an expansive, decedent spa is tucked away on the bottom floor, far away from the humming of blow-dryers and the distractions of everyday life.

With just a quick elevator ride, I was escorted to the impressive, private spa, decked out with all of the lavish amenities you could hope for in a spa experience: a calming waterfall, luxe locker rooms, a plush spa robe, comfy slippers and a soothing waiting lounge with a couch that cradled my body like a warm hug from grandma. I was that relaxed and I hadn’t even had my treatments yet!
After a few sips of green tea, my esthetician, Ashley, guided me to the treatment room (that smelled of mind-numbing lavender) to begin my 45 Min Be Quick Express Facial with EyeZone and Facial Booster treatment. Ashley and I instantly hit it off. She was attentive, friendly and knowledgeable, giving me expert advice on any and all of my skincare concerns. Most importantly, her touch was flawless. Her hand techniques were soothing enough to lull me to sleep but strong enough to give me the feeling that I was getting a deep, clinical clean.

Towards the end of the service, Ashley applied a moisturizing mask and she stepped out of the treatment room for a few moments (giving the mask time to work, and me time to drift off into nirvana). When, she came back, I started to ask her a question about the ingredients of the mask (is this lemongrass?) and to no surprise of mine, my voice had literally changed to what I like to call “morning voice.” The quiet, soft voice of ultimate euphoria that you experience after a much-needed night’s sleep. I mentioned this to Ashley and she said her clients get it all the time, especially after she leaves the room. Ashley said she makes it a practice to leave the room, if only for 3 or 4 minutes, to give the client a chance to completely and totally relax, without having to worry about what the esthetician is doing or if they are meeting some imagined expectations of being a good client. It allows them to just relax in the moment and reap the mind-body benefits of the total spa experience.
With immediate and long term results (my skin was glowing, hydrated, dewy and for the next few weeks my makeup went on smoother and easier), Ashley’s facial was definitely a spa-ligious experience. Not to mention, I was so relaxed, I could hardly speak (and that’s saying a lot for me)! If you’re in need of a similar, spiritual spa experience than look no further than Bangz Salon and Spa.

Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa
23 South Fullerton Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042

$50 Spa Week Treatments:

  • 45 Min Be Quick Express Facial with EyeZone and Facial Booster
  • 50 Min Spa Sampler, including 25 Min Massage, Organic Back Masque, Scalp Massage and Warm Stone Foot Massage
  • 90 Min Energizing Foot and Leg Treatment, including b Well Pedicure and b Well Manicure

Disclosure: This treatment was comped for editorial consideration.