My hair started falling out… and I couldn’t be happier about it!

That is, my hair down there. Three months ago I decided it was officially time to put an end to my monthly Brazilian waxing torture chamber – and all those red, unattractive ingrowns – by lasering away my pubes. Forever.

cb’s sign at our Spa Week Media Party last night. #sotrue

Completely Bare is my Laser Hair Removal spa of choice. Not just because owner Cindy Barshop adorned me with a feathered nether-region, but because a couple years ago I tried it out there and livestreamed it for you, had a positive experience, and have been pondering going through with the full service ever since. I’ve never been disappointed by a cb wax, their staff is extremely knowledgeable with over 14 years of experience, and they use the best technology out there… so it was time to bite the bullet.

Laser glasses: ON.

Tonight marks my third appointment (out of a minimum of six, spaced 4-6 weeks apart), and I am thrilled with how smooth I already am. Cindy promises that ingrowns will be gone by the third treatment, but they’re already gone for me after two! I was actually very surprised at how fast and obvious the hair fall-out was after the very first appointment. If I could show you pictures here I would, but since Spa Week Daily is not in that 30% porn portion of the internet, you’re just going to have to believe me.

Just two weeks after my first laser session, I noticed my hair looked different. More scarce. Wanting to escape. And when I touched a hair, it slipped right out. There was no root. This is precisely how laser hair removal works: the laser kills the root so that the hair can no longer grow. The mons pubis hair seems to be the easiest to zap away (it’s nearly gone already), but the bikini zone, labia and rest of my territory are still in the works.

I’ll update you again in a few months once I’m all done and I’ve had a chance to see the full results! But for now… I’m lovin’ it.

FAQs/everything else you need to know about laser hair removal:

How do you prepare for laser hair removal?

Before your first ever treatment: You should always go for a consultation before committing to it. You want to make sure your skin doesn’t react badly and that your hair does indeed fall out.

Before your individual treatments: Don’t tan (you shouldn’t be tanning anyway!), although Completely Bare’s newer machines are still okay on slightly tanned skin. Also, shave the entire region just before your treatment. If you don’t shave, they have a little dry razor that does the job, but it’s not the most comfortable situation to have someone else shaving your pubes. (For some reason, this seemed more invasive than waxing or laser!)

Does it hurt?

As I described in the Wellness Gone Wild video, “It feels like there’s a rubber band snapping… and snapping…” but it wasn’t very painful. The laser head that Completely Bare uses also spurts out Cryogen (remember cryotherapy?), a cold gas that feels like a refreshing mist, which counters the heat shock of each pulse. The technicians at cb continually ask: “Rate your pain on a scale of 0-5, 0 being no pain, 5 being very painful.” If you get up to a 3 or 4 (around the labia and more sensitive parts, for me), they’ll turn down the wattage. It is less painful than a full wax, that’s for sure, and is very different from (and much less painful than) electrolysis. If fear of pain is your reason for holding back, fear no more. You can also take a couple of Advils beforehand (or a shot of vodka… your call).

Are there any options for blondes?

According to Completely Bare, as long as your hair has SOME color, and most blond hair has color, it should work. If it’s too blond, it might not. Completely Bare offers (and encourages) the aforementioned free consultation to try a test patch and see if your hair is right to yield results.

I’m concerned with it possibly leaving dark marks on my skin. I have super sensitive skin and wonder if it will work on my skin type.

Tan skin is definitely more susceptible to bruising.  If your skin has been exposed to sunlight in the past few weeks, you’re risking dark spots. If you haven’t tanned and you’re still concerned because your skin is sensitive for other reasons, try that test patch and see how your skin reacts. According to cb, a little redness just after the treatment means it was effective, so that’s a good thing. Be careful of exposure to sunlight though; do not go into the sun for ONE WEEK after each treatment.

Is it permanent?

According to cb, you will need to come back for touch-ups from time to time. This is why Completely Bare’s package comes with a year’s worth of treatments rather than the usual six sessions. I feel confident knowing that I can still go back after six times. Although according to cb, even after the whole process is complete, you still may have only removed 70% of hair. It will vary from person to person.

Completely Bare prices:

– One session ranges from $220 (basic bikini) – $425 (completely bare bikini).
– A package of 6, which includes complimentary touch-ups for 1 year ranges from $1,210 (basic bikini) to $2,340 (completely bare bikini).
– They also do pretty much any body park that hair grows, from lower arms ($1,515 for full package), chin, cheeks and sideburns ($1,100 for full package)  and offer all treatments for men too.

Completely Bare is participating in Spa Week next week!

Check out their 4 Completely Bare Spa Week locations: Bond St, Fifth Ave, Madison Ave and Scarsdale, NY.

$50 treatments: Laser hair removal for Basic Bikini, Chin, or Lower Stomach Line

When you go, check out their spray tan room’s graffiti wall, signed by yours truly. 😉

Disclosure: Treatment has been comped for editorial consideration.