Bikini in action

Of course every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. There’s the standing up in front of all your family and friends in white, the photo evidence that may outlive your marriage and that dream dress that you just HAVE to fit into which you may have optimistically ordered a size (or two) too small. But how far would you go to make it fit?

You’ve heard of cleanses and detoxes, but by way of a feeding tube? The New York Times recently released an article featuring a relatively unknown and controversial new weight loss plan that brides-to-be are choking down. The diet uses a tube that goes through the nose and down the esophagus into the stomach to provide all nourishment, with no carbohydrates, for 10 days, supplying around 800 calories a day. Body weight is lost quickly, at times alarmingly quickly, through ketosis, the state in which the body burns fat rather than sugar.

While the side effect may be weight loss, a lot of other side effects come with a diet this extreme. “Any extreme low-calorie diet is associated with side effects, kidney stones, dehydration, headaches,” said Dr. Louis Aronne, the director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Program at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. “If you lose muscle mass and water, what’s the point of that?”

This bridal accessory costs $1,500 for 10 days, which includes a screening and the equipment. There’s also the price of having to wear the tube in public. We think that trying on your final fitting with a tube down your nose seems unpleasant and won’t warrant the same joyful tears you would hope for.


For women looking for a healthier quick slim down try the following #50dollartreatments that won’t leave your bridal party questioning your mental state.

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  • 45 Min Slimming Infrared Body Wrap with Cucumber and Green Tea Eye Treatment and 30 Min Reflexology Treatment with Sea Salt Foot Scrub and Aromatherapy
  • 45 Min Slimming Infrared Body Wrap with Cucumber and Green Tea Eye Treatment

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  • 60 Min Vibration Light Therapy Session with Dry Infrared Sauna

Spa Belle Vie in San Francisco

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Yin Beauty & Arts Spa in New York, NY

  • 60 Min Lipo-Slimming Therapy or Infrared Pressotherapy Water Retention and Cellulite Reduction Treatment