Have you ever thought to yourself while sitting at home watching television, “this would be better in a sauna?” How about when you’re waiting at the airport, and your flight is an hour delayed? Hanging out with friends barbecuing on a chilly day… better in a sauna.

Massage chairs, DIY body scrubs, candles by the bathtub; there are thousands of ways to bring the spa lifestyle and its benefits home. But what about an invigorating Far Infrared sauna… that rolls up into a backpack? Infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin and open up blood vessels to send more nutrients through your body and comes with a backpack world of benefits: A healthy detox, to speed up the healing of sprains and strains, to improve skin texture and tone, to make you more flexible, to speed up your metabolism and more. My friend Michelle tried it at the Mind Body Spirit Expo a few weeks ago and loved it.

“Portable sauna” is not yet a household term, however it might very soon be. “Yes, life IS better in a pop-out-inflatable-plug-in-portable-fold-up-into-a-backpack sauna,” Michelle said. “I was relaxed, I was at ease, I was sitting in soothing blanket of heat. Hands free!”

Do you have an injury to heal or want to complement your summer detox? There are many portable sauna varieties ranging from around $120 and up – check out some of your options here.

Would you give this hot spa accessory a try?