Drinking is a wicked high calorie sport. A 10 oz margarita will cost you 550 cals and a 10 oz Long Island iced tea will set you back 543 cals. A tiny 4.5 oz. dirty martini sure plays dirty too, with over 240 calories a glass, although probably less because you are definitely going to spill at some point. But the good news is, alcohol in moderation can be a good thing!

A rapidly growing number of alcohol brands are very conscious about remedying this diet-killer situation, and have created low calorie beverage lines to keep your buzz going without your butt growing. One of the best-tasting and most well-recognized brands in this competitive arena is TY KU Premium Sake & Spirits, a portfolio of Asian spirits that combine all natural ingredients and age-old Japanese distillation/brewing techniques with modern flavors. It’s a naturally low cal beverage (compared to vodka) with an additional low calorie Soju option. It’s totally something I’d recommend bringing to your next dinner party, you cultured little health nut! It’s more unique than wine and less aggressive than vodka.

Kung Fu Cutie! TY KU was also the company that served up spa-tinis at our Spa Week Media Party a few weeks ago. They were so good and refreshing that we wanted to give you some recipes from where that came from – all bikini friendly.

5 Cocktails Under 100 Calories by TY KU:

SUPERFRUIT MOJITO: 2 oz TY KU Liqueur, fresh mint, squeeze of lime, splash of diet citrus soda

SPA DAY: 2 oz TY KU Soju, squeeze and drop in wedge of orange,  splash of club soda, hard shake with ice

TOKYO TEA: 2 oz TY KU Soju with iced green tea

ASIAN SANGRIA: 2 oz TY KU Sake, fresh berries and seasonal fruits, splash of agave nectar

GINGER CRUSH: 2 oz TY KU Sake, 1 oz ginger ale, muddled fresh ginger, hard shake with ice