There’s a raging hot new fitness trend in town, and it is most definitely not underground. Dance Walking: abandoning all sense of shame and grooving down the street like you’re in a music video. What better way to get from point A to point B than fist-pumping it out to Party Rocker or Let’s Get Physical, burning 200 calories instead of 50? Count me in! This is precisely how I maneuvered around Coachella the other weekend, and you can’t imagine my excitement that it now seems to be a relatively acceptable fitness activity on the streets of New York. Stephanie is in too – we’ve been replaying the video all morning, getting exponentially happier every time we watch. We’ll be the girls prancing, pirouetting and dub-stepping down Fifth Avenue to lunch today. And tomorrow. And the next day. WOO!

Thank you Ben Aaron and Nameless Dance Walk Guru Master. You are my heroes.

PS. Ben, you sound exactly like grown-up Smalls, the narrator in The Sandlot.