Have you fallen into post-spa depression (PSD)? Spa Week Spring 2012 may be over but the memories and benefits will last a lifetime! Last week we asked you for your Spa Week stories in exchange for more spa in the form of $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards for five of you. Meet Winner #2, whose spa day started with sirens and ended in silence.

By Khalilah Abdulrahim

Cops tried to rain on my spa day. On my way to my Spa Week treatment I received a $90 driving ticket!

Oh the stress! Why oh why!? Good thing I was on my way to a massage.

Once I arrived at Agora Spa at the Stamford Marriott Hotel in Connecticut, all my transportation worries melted away. I was given chocolate and whisked into the locker room. I slipped into my robe and then waited in the relaxation area. The atmosphere was calming and soothed my mind and body immediately. My $50 treatment of choice was the 50 minute Agora Signature Massage sent me into a state of bliss; this was just what I needed.

The best way to truly enjoy your spa day? Make it last as long as possible. So after my massage I made a bee-line back to the relaxation room and spent over an HOUR there! I indulged in my afternoon by sipping chilled cucumber water and doing nothing but relaxing. I also had a cup of tea with honey! My experience at the spa was nothing short of heavenly.

I left refreshed and recharged.

I stayed this way by not getting a ticket on the way home.