Have you fallen into post-spa depression? Spa Week Spring 2012 may be over but the memories and benefits will last a lifetime! (And there are always amazing Spa Deals to be had.) Last week we asked you for your Spa Week stories in exchange for more spa in the form of $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards for five of you. Meet the last and final winner, who’s on her way

By Tracy Anne

I am a skin stickler. Since the age of 16 I’ve been slathering on SPF 70 every day and taking off my makeup before bed every night without fail. I’m aware that my 28-year-old face looks a little like 22, and I intend to keep it that way. Facials are also a regular part of my stickler regime.

One of my favorite skincare brands is Jurlique – I’ve been a fan of their products for a while. Not only are they effective, but they use biodynamic ingredients which are better for the planet and for my skin. If their at-home stuff was so great, I was curious as to what their spa could do for me. I decided to try their 50 minute signature revitalizing facial during Spa Week. It typically costs $115, but with the Spa Week special I got it for $50 (no complaints here).

I arrived to a beautiful and tranquil setting the Jurlique in Santa Monica and was greated by my aesthetician Lauren. She was super sweet and informative. She explained the benefits of all the products she was using while she gently cleansed my skin. I love being able to ask questions during a facial – I always come home with new tricks of the skincare trade! She also gave me a few samples to take home of some products she thought might benefit me.

After the appointment I felt incredibly relaxed and refreshed. Later that day I met up with some girl friends for dinner. “You’re GLOWING!” my friend said. I was glowing… no joke. I felt it not just on the surface, but inside too. Spas have magic powers, they really do!

Can’t wait to go back…  just not sure if I can wait all the way till October Spa Week……..