The Internet: A place where people find out news, connect with friends, and collectively worship good manicures.

There are approximately 2.9* billion blogs based entirely on nail art (exhibits a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n…), and an estimated 8.6%* of all Internet and mobile bandwidth is said to be reserved for the purposes of sharing recent manicures, breaking news on nail polish collaborations with upcoming movies, and featuring roundups of cool manicures found on said Internet. *Numbers are estimates based entirely and vaguely on recent RSS, Twitter and Instagram feed.

Well, I fully succumb to the beast. Manicures aren’t just pretty and pampering… they can be life-changing too! Remember, my decision to sponsor a Filipino child? It came moments after my decision on which OPI nail polish I was going to spend my week with. Manicures are an easily accessible luxury and serve as a mental, physical and sartorial break from life, and talented nail artists are in hotter demand than ever before.‘s May lookbook was chock full of irresistible nail design, and they interviewed nail artist Madeline Poole, who created all the looks. Of course, she has her own nail blog too, exhibit o.

Check out the photos below and the interview here. Rock on, nail goddesses!

Tell me below – what is your favorite nail blog?