It has happened! Our graphic designer Anne got hitched! You saw the gorgeous yellow diamond ring, the dress teaser, and we told you about this lucky Friday the Thirteenth affair… now here’s how her middle-of-nowhere wedding kicked off her happily-ever-after, as told by the bride herself. Spa rundown included.

Our reception was held at Heartwood Conference Center & Retreat in Trego, WI, population 904. Certified middle of nowhere. We chose the location because my mom has a lake house 10 miles from there and we absolutely love spending time on the lake and in the Northwoods any season of the year. It’s nice and, well, quiet.

We planned the wedding in seven weeks! And by we, I mean my mom and sister. They planned and executed my entire wedding. That was magical.

With me being in NYC, I had never stepped foot in the church or reception area until the day before our wedding. Other than creating a guest list and giving my input on their ideas, all I really had to do is figure out what I was going to wear. My mom and sister attended the food tasting and gave us their opinions on what to serve. My sister designed the invites and programs, created all the details of the centerpieces and other decorations. They planned the flowers with help of my mom’s friend who is a florist – who took creative control after hearing what our colors and vision was and ran with it. I saw the flowers for the first time the day of the wedding and I couldn’t have been more pleased!

We had about 150 guests (bringing us to about 15% of the town’s population) – a bunch of friends even flew all the way from New York to join us. What I loved most about this occasion is that so many of my friends and family joined together not just to attend – but to be an integral part of my wedding day. Program cover and logos (see below) were designed by my sister. Our family friend at  Kynn Schulz Photography was the talented photographer and took all the photos you see here. Family friends and relatives baked all the desserts – which included key lime, carrot cake and chocolate cupcakes, coconut oreo bites, fruit tarts, along with others. We also had friends DJ for us – till 1:30am! The day was so incredible and flew by so fast. The great thing was that because it was a bit of a trek (a 2-3 hour drive for most), many guests stayed and celebrated with us all weekend. It was the best day/weekend ever – I got to marry my best friend, surrounded by all the people we love.

Every bride’s gotta have a pampering plan.


MASSAGE: The fast paced wedding planning definitely got stressful (even without doing all the planning), so about a week before the ceremony I indulged in a hour long massage at a salon near my apartment in Queens, NY, Blossom In Astoria.

SKINCARE: Before the wedding I didn’t have any professional facials (I was afraid at the possibility of breaking out), but did use an at-home treatment to exfoliate my skin:

Here’s my recipe for a Honey Sugar Scrub:

1 tsp. of honey
1/2 tsp. of sugar (either cane or brown)

Blend in bowl. Apply.
Rinse very thoroughly, as this recipe can be slightly sticky.

SPRAY TAN: Before I left for Wisconsin (literally right before I left for the airport), I got my faux glow at Beach Bum Tanning. Even though I tested it out a few weeks prior, the orange color was frightening at first! I looked like one of the Hogans and my fiancée teased me the entire time we traveled. But it wore off once I showered and I had a natural glow for my wedding day.

NAILS: I got a mani/pedi at The Cat’s Meow in Spooner, WI – a place with only one pedi chair! And I only had 25 colors to choose from! I chose something that looked like essie’s “Buy Me a Cameo,” but I honestly can’t remember. I was happy with the job they did.

HAIR EXTENSIONS: My friend Tescia is a makeup artist and all-around creative type. She knew I was looking to make my hair longer and fuller for the big day, so she offered to MAKE me clip in hair extensions! (I decided against salon extensions after researching the costly price). We went and picked out the hair to match my color, spent about $100 and she sewed the pieces together. They turned out awesome – I never would have worn my hair down (being it’s so thin and fine) without them.

HAIR STYLING: I was very nervous about getting my hair done at a salon I’d never been to in a tiny Northwoods town. But I ventured to Hair Envy without ever having a trial run, I told the hairdresser what I envisioned and she executed exactly what I wanted.

MAKEUP: My friend Tescia, the makeup artist and hair extension extraordinaire, did my makeup. She also did my mom and my two sisters – who were my bridesmaids!

Check out more pictures below. I’m the one in white. And I couldn’t be happier!